TOP 5 French smartphones

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Some time ago, we gave you the TOP 5 of the best phone brands European smartphones. If you are anxious to consume French, some brands such as Wiko, Echo, Crosscall, Konrow, or Archos offer smartphone models suitable for all budgets, including high-end. To help you discover them, here are the TOP 5 smartphones made in France.

1. Crosscall CORE-X4: the rugged all-terrain smartphone

The company Crosscall was created in 2009 and was initially called Tech & Me before being renamed Crosscall in 2012. Founded by Cyril Vidal, the latter, who is a former worker in the construction sector, criticized smartphones for not being sufficiently adapted in his daily life. This is how he decided to create an innovative concept of resistant and waterproof phones for professionals but also for adventurous sportsmen who need a sturdy device.

Among them, the Crosscall Core-X4! Its frame made of both metal and plastic with wide edges allowing it to better withstand shocks is perfectly suited to adventurers, professionals or clumsy people who are afraid of seeing their phone damaged by a bad fall.

MIL-STD-810-G certified, this French smartphone has undergone a whole battery of tests to assess its resistance in a hostile environment.

Offering good autonomy and excellent performance, it also provides interesting functions necessary for the survival of outdoor practitioners such as compass, GPS, etc. That’s not a iPhone 11 Pro, but it has it all.

2. Konrow Sky Plus: a very low price for perfect autonomy

With an excellent quality / price ratio, the Sky Plus from the Marseille brand Konrow offers interesting arguments. Equipped with a 6.2-inch HD definition screen, it offers 32 GB of storage space expandable to 64 GB and can accommodate two SIM cards. 4G compatible and equipped with a fingerprint reader, it can also be unlocked using facial recognition.

Ideal for users who do not require a competition smartphone, it does its job perfectly with basic functionalities.

3. Wiko View 5: a very durable entry-level French smartphone

wiko smartphone french

Benefiting from a pleasant design, a large screen and above all a 5000 mAh battery, this French smartphone provides perfect endurance (approximately 23 hours of battery life) and is particularly attractive for its photo part which is very correct, especially in low light.

Its performance makes it an ideal smartphone for those looking for a phone that is easy to use.

4. Echo Star Plus: the phone made in France in tune with the times

Having good characteristics, the Echo Star Plus smartphone has a 2500 mAh battery which gives it excellent autonomy. Allowing to embed two SIM cards, it is extremely practical if you need a personal and professional phone. With a pleasant fluidity in web browsing sessions, its 5-inch HD screen is ideal for watching a movie or a series. If you are looking for a trendy smartphone, this is the one for you.

5. Wiko View 2 Pro: a surprising smartphone

Sporting a nice design, the Wiko View 2 Pro also comes with a surprising technical sheet: screen and photo quality, good battery life, neat construction, etc., all the ingredients are there to make it a smartphone suitable for any type of use.

So, which French smartphone are you tempted by? If you want to enjoy a cheap and refurbished phone, don’t forget that we’ll buy yours back from you so you can finance your new device! Click here for resell your cellphone.


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