Top 5 Free MSN Games to Play Online

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I still remember when I liked to play solitaire, free card or pinball. Although lately we only used them when the internet was not working. However, Windows 10 currently offers a large number of interesting video games and that is precisely why we are going to make a small list of top 5 free MSN games to play online.

These are not overly elaborate games. Although if you want games where we have to invest a little more time, indie games are ideal. In this case, they’re pretty straightforward, but entertaining enough to pass the time. Many of them will keep us hooked for a few hours, they are casual games.

Microsoft crossword

In Microsoft Crosswords, we are going to have to do crosswords. We will have to complete different levels to move on to the next one. This allows us to use the keyboard to navigate easily. You don’t need a lot of explanation for this game, it’s pretty simple, but definitely very entertaining.

Free MSN Games


We can’t deny that Battleship is a classic. Pretty simple to play, they will give us five ships that we need to place on the board. Your opponent will have three chances to sink your ships. Once their shift is over, it will obviously be our turn to do the same.

Where are we going? It’s basically a bit of luck, drawing a strange conclusion and nothing more. The idea is that you sink the ships before our opponent sinks ours.

Find the difference in this MSN game

Find the difference

It is mainly a game for children. Finding the difference gives us a number of images and we will have to look for the difference between them. An adult will likely be bored because it is quite easy to repair. For this reason, it is more than anything intended for children to learn and have fun.

The best Windows 10 games


Another classic that joins the list is that Sudoku is great for people who love numbers and that’s why it’s one of the best free games on MSN. The objective of the game is quite simple, although difficult to achieve. We’re going to have to fill a row in a 9 × 9 grid with numbers from 1 to 9, but no number can be repeated anywhere.

Free chess game


We don’t need to explain too much how MSN Games Chess works. Even the game itself has a “How to Play” guide to get you started. The idea of ​​this game is obviously to face other players. Although you also have the option of facing the computer.

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