Top 5 Best Legends of Runeterra Budget Decks

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Legends of Runeterra is already an extremely affordable game. However, it’s always worth trying to find the most effective decks that won’t break the bank. They are easy to assemble and allow you to experiment and study the meta while scoring victories.

With that in mind, here are some of the top 5 Legends of Runeterra budget games you can try.

Top 5 Best Legends of Runeterra Budget Decks

  • Aggro Spider
  • Bilgewater Aggro
  • Noxus Aggro
  • Pirate Aggro
  • Fiora shen

Aggro Spider

The Spider Aggro deck is very common and a lot of people use it. This is because players get the majority of its cards when they first create an account.

noxus aggro

What you want to do is invade the spider board and use Frenzied Skitterer or Decisive Maneuver to increase their stats. Although it is an aggressive Legends of Runeterra deck, it can play more defensively depending on the game. Spider Aggro decks are extremely good at rebuilding their board, so don’t be afraid to trade in your units.

One advantage of flooding the board early is the potential to make Crowd Favorite huge. Since it has Overwhelm, you are always guaranteed some damage.

In case your opponent survives until the end of the game, you use Darius and Noxian Fervor as a finisher. This is actually the key: you should try using Noxian Fervor as a finisher, or when your opponent is running low on mana.


Bilgewater Aggro

Bilgewater Aggro is a good market Legends of Runeterra deck and play as a toolbox deck. You don’t count on champions with this one; instead, you rely on the Noxus and Bilgewater units.

Legends of Runeterra Economy Decks

This deck requires you to stay on the curve early on and try to always hit your opponent’s face to trigger the plunder.

A great combos in this deck is the Imperial Demolitionist used on the Crimson Disciple for the Nexus bonus damage. You can also use the Dreadway Seaman’s Powder Keg Summon to increase the damage of Legion Grenadier and Legion Saboteurs!


Noxus Aggro

The Noxus Aggro Deck is also very effective as it contains a lot of cards that you can use to quickly destroy the enemy Nexus.

Legends of Runeterra Economy Decks

This Legends of Runeterra The deck has Legion Saboteur and Precious Pet that will help you deal early damage. You combine this with Transfusion or Fury of the North and your opponents are going to have a hard time putting up an effective defense. On top of that, you can also use the Legion’s rearguard and saboteur which will further boost your aggression.

This platform is inexpensive, versatile and a pleasure to try!


Pirate Aggro

The Pirate Aggro deck is the one that will push for quick wins. This is the most explosive aggro deck, and it works great if you want to avoid those greedy control decks.

aggro pirate

Note that this deck wants to mulligan aggressively for its first drops. Do your best to always have a drop in the first round.

Like most Noxus-based aggro decks, if you can’t win early in the game, you rely heavily on Decimate and Noxian Fervor to win late in the game.

On a final note, Gangplank and Miss Fortune are great, but shouldn’t be something you greedily keep in your hands. The first units are always better.

Bridge code:

Fiora shen

When using the Fiora Shen deck, you rely on barriers to protect high-risk units. This will generate value, while protecting the units.

Legends of Runeterra Economy Decks

Ideally, you want to have explosive openers if possible. Greenglade Caretaker at the first corner is something you want to try and mulligan. On top of that, you also want to use Rivershaper, as it can help you with the card advantage when protected by the barrier.

The best part about this deck is that it’s amazing against aggro decks. Since the Barrier negates damage completely, the Fiora Shen Barrier can easily stall and overvalue aggro decks late in the game. A strong defense is a strong attack!


There are all kinds of Legend for Runeterra bridges that you can use even if you are on a budget. You should definitely consider giving them a try and see what suits your playstyle.

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