Top 4 best Android apps to stay active from home

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Today we find on the Play Store, a wide range of applications which are mainly used to stay in the heat of the news and feed his passions. However, it is not always easy to make the right choices. We’ve put together a list of four best Android apps for you to stay active from home.

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Taking into account its important role in the well-being, sport represents a vector very taken into account in the creation of applications for Android. Among the great diversity of these applications, Fitwin has occupied an essential place for several years.

The application allows you to practice sports regularly to maintain a healthy lifestyle at all times of the year. For that, FitWin offers its users the opportunity to choose for themselves the activities that suit them to keep in good physical shape.

Its interactive platform is easy to use even by people not familiar with IT tools. Experts (in the field of fitness) present on the application offer personalized assistance to users of the application. Fitwin is also delicious 100% healthy recipes to keep the figure or accompany a slimming program.

The app offers you bonuses every time you take a step forward in your journey towards physical well-being. Its use is conditioned by a paid subscription which can be monthly or quarterly for an amount of 29.90 and 75 euros respectively each.


As stated above, being informed and being up to date with the news is a function very assigned to Android applications. Among the most famous who perfectly fulfill this role, Facebook holds unanimity among several Internet users. It is an app created since 2005 and which serves both as a social network and as an information pillar.

The official (mobile web) version of the application is increasingly integrated into the package of latest generation Android phones. However, there are also derivative applications that improve the experience on this network. Among the most downloaded are Facebook Lite and Friendly for Facebook.


After Facebook, WhatsApp has been the second most used social network around the world for more than a decade. Indeed, the application represents an instant messaging platform that uses SMS, photos and videos in private and group discussions.

The application also has some recent features concerning the uploading of stories and the possibility of making voice and video calls. Likewise, WhatsApp is the perfect example of apps that allow audio file sharing. All chats on this app are end-to-end encrypted.


To stay in constant contact with your employees and benefit from a more interesting professional experience, this tool is proving more and more essential. It is indeed a messaging service that allows you to manage your account. It is useful for accessing mailboxes, for reading, for writing and then for sending emails quickly.

The application offers you an information synchronization service which makes it available both on mobile and on PC for an unlimited number of accounts. It therefore allows you to always be connected to the professional sphere of your company.

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