Top 12 rendering apps for Android and iOS

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Thanks to modern technology, today you can do any complicated task on your smartphone. This article is about apps for creating 3D models on the go with your phone.

Knowing which rendering app is right for you before downloading it to your iOS and Android device is essential. In this list of top 12 rendering apps developed for beginners and professional designers. And you can choose apps according to the type of format and functionality of your 3D printing.

So, let’s start the list of top 12 best rendering apps for Android and iOS without wasting your time.

  • AutoCAD

    Let’s start with one of the best 3D modeling software which is now available in mobile version.

    Initially, the software version of AutoCAD is made for professionals but in the mobile version there are only a few options. But still, there are various features that allow you to create basic 3D models. The best part is that this app offers DWG files, the most used format, and also lets you open all your files on the go from your mobile.

    Keep in mind that this CAD application is not for you if you plan to continue 3D printing. However, it is the perfect app if you need to tweak your files slightly.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Spacedraw

    Spacedraw has a distinct fan base among all other 3D modeling apps. This best rendering app has user-friendly interface and gives you the same experience of desktop app. Along with this, spatial drawing is not very complicated to understand. Here you can work on construction and visualization, drawings, patch and polygon modeling, as well as 3D printing.

    To improve the performance of the application, multi-touch and motion sensors are available. In addition to all these features, you will experience desktop modeling on your smartphone.

    Beyond all these features, it also supports many project formats and you can use it for future 3D prints as well. The best part is that you and your colleagues can work on the same project using multiple access modes. Moreover, you can add an animated background and regulate the atmosphere of your model.

    Download from PlayStore

  • uMake

    So our next best app in this list is uMake-3D. If you need an app to work with touch input, you can go for this 3D design app.

    The goal of rendering apps is to provide you with a platform that is as easy to use as possible. Which makes you feel a 2D drawing while you work on 3D sketches. However, it is best to use it personally to experience its simplicity. Moreover, it allows you to view your sketches in AR, you can also create your designs on live video.

    You can use this fun app for creating basic sketching plans as well as for complex detailed projects. Along with that, there are features like block adjustments, layers, and pull and push tools.

    Download from iTunes

  • Prisma 3D

    Android 3D modeling application, the Prisma 3D application offers animation, modeling and rendering tools. This app is in beta. It gives easy to use and excellent interface to its users. You can export your .obj files from this application which is a commonly supported 3D file format for all software.

    Moreover, it allows you to change the resolution of your model up to 4K. To work on every little detail, it offers a zoom in tool. Along with this Prisma, 3D supports intuitive navigation and multitouch.

    Download from PlayStore

  • 3d putty

    Another great app for creating 3D designs on your mobile. It is the best app for enthusiasts and artists. It can be used as a sketchbook while on the go. Wherever you are, 3D putty will be the best partner to work on your idea, even if you are traveling or relaxing somewhere.

    The best thing here is that you can create your sketches even if you are offline. Once you’re online, it automatically saves your changes. In addition, putty 3D has features that allow you to create blocks and layers on your projects. You can share your projects by making videos in the app.

    Download from iTunes

  • 3D CAD Onshape

    This app is designed for iOS users who want to connect their onshape account to their iPad. After connecting the account, you can start editing here. You can use Onshape 3D CAD on both iPad and iPhone.

    Although it supports iOS and Android, you should prefer this iPad app. Let me tell you why there are so many features in this app that can be used with an iPad pencil for fast and accurate modeling. When you apply pressure to the pencil, it enlarges and will zoom in on smaller items.

    All in all, you must download this app if you need a manual tool for your 3D modeling on the go.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Emb3D 3D Model Viewer

    If you are looking for a 3D model viewer, not a 3D modeling app, the EMB3D 3D model viewer is worth your right choice.

    Its name already specifies that you can use it to view your pre-made models. This app supports modern technology so you can view 3D designs in high quality and the colors will be in full resolution. In addition, you can zoom in on objects or move them around its axis as you like.

    Overall, if you are looking for an app to view your 3D models in a high performance app, try the Emb3D 3D Model Viewer app.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Sculpt +

    Another great digital painting and sculpting app. If you are an android user, you should go for this carving app. Here you will get several sculpting tools like inflate, move, smooth, clay, flatten, cut, standard, rotate, bend, cube, etc. You can export files in .stl and .obj format and import files in .obj forms.

    Unlike other 3D modeling apps on this list, sculpt + offers a wide range of sculpting instruments that will help you create more complex 3D objects. For a better experience, this app also includes clay mode, tools to flatten and cut your objects and smoothing instruments.

    Download from PlayStore

  • Shapr 3D CAD modeling

    This app is one of the most powerful 3D design apps. It allows you to create complex projects without any hassle.

    To create mobile 3D modeling, this application takes the first place. You can create projects on the go with its powerful engine. Along with this, you can make detailed and precise projects with its tools.

    Here you will get 3D and 2D modeling instruments at the same time. I will recommend you to use this app on your laptop, but there is no downside if you use it on your phone as well.

    All in all, you should try 3D shaping once if you are looking for a powerful 3D modeling app.

    Download from iTunes


    Here you can make basic shapes like cone, cylinder, cube, sphere. With, you can seamlessly create complex projects. The best part rendering app is that you can create any model just by rotating, moving, and scaling all of the primitive objects.

    Besides, this app offers dark mode so that you have less stress on your eyes while you are working. I think this is the best app for creating simple 3D models and 3D printing. You can mirror objects, manipulate them by inactive and active features using the mirror application option. In addition, different layouts are available to create 3D text.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Qlone

    These rendering applications allow you to use 3D scanning and 3D design functions simultaneously. You can easily digitize 3D objects using augmented reality.

    You can also edit these objects from your phone by making the parts available in this app. After you finish your editing job, you can save the edit in any format as you need. Also, you can use these modifications for 3D printing.

    The scanning part is also easy, just print the AR mat from the Alone app and then place the object in the middle. For accurate results, it is best to scan objects from different angles. And there you have it, your project is completed in just a few seconds.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  • Blenderkeys

    Another great 3D infographic app called Blender. This rendering app is free and developed by the ideas of scientists, artists, animators, game developers and students. Blender is an intuitive and feature-rich application and you can use it to add visual effects, create animated movies, arts, 3D applications, 3D printed models and video games.

    The best thing is that it has a built-in path tracer engine so that you can achieve ultra-realistic rendering in your project. In addition, it has high quality modeling tools allowing you to quickly create and modify your projects.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

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