Top 10 math apps for Android and iOS

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Math apps for Android and iOS are the most useful apps for quickly solving various math equations and problems. It will be able to easily solve all your complicated calculations and math equations. It would be a handy application as it can be used as a pocket calculator.

I have used all the apps and had an amazing experience. I can scan my question at any time and it will respond with real-time response and actions. It would also help in understanding the method and concept of the mathematical subject.

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You can however use any app on your phone. Just download the app and use it wisely. You can either click on the image or share the images of the questions you need to answer. You can learn about a variety of topics and topics by following the steps or watching and listening to lectures.

Top 10 math apps for Android and iOS

    1. Mathway

      Mathway is the best calculator app that calculates your algebra, arithmetic and many more questions. You have to click on the photo of the question and it will do a calculation for you. All types of math such as algebra, geometry, graphics and many more could help you solve your calculus.

      It would solve all your complex and easy math problems for you. Also, by solving questions, you might learn one thing that you might be able to solve. However, it will not only help you with your homework or homework, but also help you solve math problem and learn new methods.

      Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

    2. Cymath

      Cymath is also another amazing math problem solving app for people who can’t solve complex problems in seconds. As anyone can access the application to easily solve simple or complex math problems in seconds. You need to insert the problem and it will solve your equation step by step.

      It would also help you with calculus and algebra problems. As there are many algebra topics that it would solve for you, such as polynomial division, integration, fraction and many more. Although if you are unable to solve your math problem and want to check your answer, you can use the app for the same. It is a perfect student app which will also provide you with all the answers with steps. However, it will solve all your problems easily and simply.

      Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

    3. Symbolab

      Symbolab is an extremely brilliant math app to solve the question by scanning it. As he will become your teacher to help you solve your math problems. It will solve many kinds of questions for you and you will get perfect answers. As it will solve many calculations for many topics such as charts, trigonometry, series calculator and many more.

      You can install the app on your phone and access all of its features that will help you when you get stuck somewhere in your math questions. Although you can learn math slowly and gradually, and you can solve your math problem on your own.

      Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

    4. Geometry solver ²

      Geometric Solver is a math app which will help you to solve the difficult math question that you are having difficulty solving. You can easily find answers to your crucial math equations.

      This app will calculate your area, perimeter, height, side length like this. It is a manageable app that will help you solve your trigonometric equations and other types of theorems.

      In addition, it will end with equations and geometric formulas. While this will not only help students, it will also help engineers, technicians, and teachers. However, its interface is simple, easy and accessible to everyone.

      Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

    5. Microsoft math solver

      Are you looking for an app from which you could solve your math question wherever you get stuck? So, here Microsoft Math Solver is a useful app that will solve all your math questions and equations.

      It includes algebra, trigonometry, and many other math formulas that will help you complete your math equations. Like this artificial intelligence application provides the opportunity to learn a lot of things easily, little by little you can figure out the mathematical equation how to solve it.

      You can write a question on a screen or scan the photo and it will solve the question for you instantly. Also, you can watch lectures to get rid of your same math equations by solving all the time. Easily share your photos on the app from your gallery. However, you will be able to learn the main ones in your preferred language.

      Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

    6. Mathify – Math editor

Mathify – Math Editor is a functional math app which is mainly for math editing and can easily solve all your questions. This will help in algebraic equations. It will make formulas for you, you can paste problems to the clipboard. As you can also share the images in forms. You can also use it as a calculator app perfect where you can calculate your calculation in seconds. Although you can enter the equations depending on the question, you have to. You can easily insert, paste, and use a clipboard to ask questions in the app. You can also activate zoom at any time and deactivate it at any time according to your needs.

Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes


    Algebrator is the best math app that will solve your math problem easily and quickly. You just need to take a photo and send it to the app and it will solve it for you with full explanation. He would become like your tutor and solve your different math problems smoothly. With a calculator, you can easily solve your calculation step by step, like adding, subtracting or other fraction numbers.

    Besides, it has a graphing calculator which will solve your graph lines, linear equation and other equations. You can also use 3d camera apps to analyze your math problem and its solution on this application. Although there are many types of calculators which allow you to solve your different math problems.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  2. MyScript 2 Calculator

    MyscrCalculator 2 is one of the advanced math apps because here it will solve your problem in real time. Just write down your question or calculations, it will check and the theme for you. This is one of the easy ways to insert the math equation you want to solve and there is no need to access the keyboard. At any time, you can delete the equation if you think it is not correct and can change the numbers. One of the best features of this scientific calculator app is to provide the ability to solve long mathematical equations in seconds.

    You can also use the canvas to drag and drop any math equations you want them to solve for you. Although you can easily paste your result and share it with other apps. Although you can look at the history if you need to understand the concept of the question and also record your result as it will need in your future times. By simply opening the app, you get your answers step by step.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  3. GeoGebra graphing calculator

    Geogebra Graphing Calculator is an extremely brilliant math app for graphs that will study math. You can easily get the functions, equations and know the main points of graphs that you need to mention in your question. As you can learn to draw lines and curves that will be needed in your question.

    Also get to know the function that would be important to mention in the different questions of the graph such as the intersection, at a minimum like that. Although you can explore the different tasks which will help you to understand the concepts more easily. However, you can save your results and share them with others.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

  4. Handy calculator

    Handy Calculator is my favorite calculator app that will give you mechanical clues and can solve math problems for you. As it would be easier for you to learn new calculus concepts and you could access the application at your own pace. You can also use it as exam prep apps where you will learn how to solve the long equation in less time.

    You just need to research the tools that would be used in your math problems and their calculations. As you can copy and paste the sums you want to need a response. However, you can get a response in the language of your choice. However, it is one of the modern types of calculator where you can solve equations, sums, and convert numbers to another form.

    Download from PlayStore Download from iTunes

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