Top 10 Best Anime Like Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

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Kimetsu no Yaiba , known in English versions as the Demon Slayer, was arguably the biggest hit of the 2019 spring season. While it looks like a standard shounen on the surface, its dark twists and compelling antagonists make it better than the most manga. Moreover, it is animated by ufotable, which guarantees that it will be well animated.

Unfortunately the manga is over, but there is a movie now out and season 2 has been confirmed for some time in 2021. If you enjoyed Kimetsu no Yaiba and you’re looking for some similar Animes to watch in the meantime, here are ten recommendations.

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Top 10 Best Anime Similar To Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer)

1- Akame ga Kill!

If Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has real demons as the main villains, then Akame ga Kill! has something even more realistic as enemies: the demons in our hearts! After all, we are our own enemies. The vilest of all demons are those we all call “humans”.

Akame ga Kill! is really horrible! Despair awaits us with every look. This anime does a great job of putting the cruel and dark side of humanity into perspective. Plus, the execution of the acts, as well as the combative exchanges, are intensely thrilling to watch.

If there is a problem with Akame ga Kill! is that he never reached his full potential. This animated series dragged on and ended before its source material was completed, resulting in a lackluster second half. But its general quality remains above average!

If you like bloody action and heartbreaking tragic scenes, then there is no reason you should keep Akame ga Kill! buried under the earth. Dig it up and witness its bestial glory!

2- Blue Exorcist

This fast-paced shounen series tells the story of two brothers whose mother is human, but whose father is literally Satan! The premise and plot is pretty dark, but there are a lot of lighter moments scattered throughout the series. Like in many shounen series, the plot isn’t always very character-driven, but the characters themselves are likable and make a good team.

Sadly, the Blue Exorcist anime only lasted 25 episodes plus an OVA, which leaves tons of material unexplored. Fortunately, the manga continues the character development that makes the series so good.

3- Tokyo Ghoul

Like Kimetsu no Yaiba, Tokyo Ghoul explores the lines between “human” and “monster”, as the main characters fight to survive in a ruthless world. If the main character Ken Kaneki is convincing, the female lead Touka Kirishima is even better written. Even the antagonists, the ghoul chaser police known as the GCC, manage to be endearing.

The anime adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul wasn’t perfect, and some fans much prefer the manga to the four-season anime adaptation. There are major differences in the plot, and the animation is sometimes flawed. Still, the comparison between the anime and the manga is a matter of personal preference, so why not give them a try?

4- Fullmetal Alchemist

Two young siblings on a journey, battling morally complex enemies while trying to restore the non-human body of the younger one – the similarities between FMA and Kimetsu no Yaiba are obvious! The various adaptations of Fullmetal Alchemist all tell an incredibly gripping story, with well-written characters and rich world-building. It’s hard to find a single unfriendly character or scene. There’s a reason Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood is consistently the top ranked series on MyAnimeList!

The original adaptation of the 2004 anime is excellent, but the plot moves away from the manga plot towards Episode 25. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, the 2009 remake, is more faithful to the manga and is more revered. by the fans. The manga itself, of course, is also stunning. All three versions of the story are shorter than many shounen series, although the manga is still 27 volumes!

5- Fate / Stay Night

The Fate franchise is packed with action and world-building, but that doesn’t mean it skimp on character development. Each episode of the main story and its spinoffs places the characters in difficult moral dilemmas and shifting alliances as the magical war for the Holy Grail rages on. While there are a few harem tropes and predictable characters, the vast majority of the plot is action-driven and drama-driven.

The Fate / Stay Night original isn’t a walk in the park, but it’s not as dark as the sequel anime, Fate / Zero. If you’re craving something dark after Kimetsu no Yaiba, Fate / Zero may be the place to start, but beware: this is probably the darkest series on this list! You can also try the movie or TV series version of Fate / Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works, which tells an alternate version of the original Fate / Stay Night series.

6- Dororo

Dororo is yet another “humans versus demons” animated series. But unlike the others, this one feels like a real personal journey, full of action and melodrama. As they say: “It’s not the destination that matters, but the journey.”

There is something about Dororo that makes him singularly dark and yet happily satisfying. Perhaps it is the fact that the main character seeks to regain his humanity by defeating malicious demons. Or maybe it’s the other abstract things he acquires on his journey. Somehow, this anime makes me feel tranquility and excitement at the same time, which is an inherently mysterious feeling.

While Dororo has less impact in the action realm, and is a supernatural historical anime without a shounen, it is definitely worth a look. Every sword stroke, every word spoken, every circumstance and every conflict has a sentimental weight. The party is never over with Dororo!

7- Claymore

Claymore is close to Kimetsu no Yaiba in terms of overall tone and themes. Claymore’s young protagonist, Raki, travels with a half-demon warrior named Clare. Clare herself usually leads the plot, but Raki grows and matures alongside her. The construction of the world is also amazing and surprisingly believable.

The anime adaptation of Claymore only lasted 24 episodes, and many of the manga’s arcs were never adapted. The art of the manga is beautiful and easy to follow, so if you enjoy the anime, dive into the rest of the manga afterwards.

8- Ga-Rei: Zero

This 12-part series is entertaining, but it lacks a bit of character development and world-building. Still, it’s a great series to watch in a marathon over the weekend while waiting for the sequel to Kimetsu no Yaiba. The premise revolves around sword fights and demons, but the drama and surprising twists make this series stand out from the rest.

Ga-Rei: Zero is actually the prequel to a manga, Ga-Rei, which takes up the complicated and thrilling story of Zero’s two main characters while introducing a new protagonist. It’s a great read if you enjoyed the prequel.

9- Hunter x Hunter

At first glance, Hunter x Hunter looks like a much lighter series than Kimetsu no Yaiba. The main character Gon has a cute design and is generally cheerful, and to some extent his allies match well-known shounen archetypes. Over time, however, the motivations and secrets of the characters are revealed, making Hunter x Hunter one of the most compelling shounen series of all time.

With 146 episodes in the 2011 remake, it’s easy to mistake Hunter x Hunter for another tournament-filled shounen series, but don’t be fooled by the episode count. The series remains captivating throughout its duration and manages to give a new spin to all the tropes it uses.

10- Black Clover

Adapted from the popular manga of the same name, Black Clover debuted in 2017 and focuses on the life of Asta, who was abandoned outside a church when she was a baby. Despite the fact that (almost) everyone is capable of having a magical power at birth, Asta has no affinity with magic.
Driven by the desire to become the next Witch King, Asta and his friend / rival Yuno embark on a quest to join the Magic Knights.

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Demon slayer has become one of the best anime of 2019. It’s a good series that has everything a fan of shonen a need: impeccable animation, well-written characters and, of course, a deeply beautiful emotional story. The anime titles on this list are the perfect stories to check out if you’re a fan of Tanjiro.

Do you think other titles are similar to Demon slayer ? Let us know in the comments

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