too many people are using your account, how to identify and block intruders

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It’s a recurring message that Netflix subscribers come across. When it becomes impossible to access a series in the catalog, it is often because “too many people are using your account” or “your Netflix account is in use on another device”. Here’s how to take back control.

Too many people are using your account Netflix. Has it been hacked? What is certain, the app is unlikely to get it wrong, despite the surprise that such a message can create, especially if you don’t share your account with other people. However, there are not 36 possibilities: it is that it is used simultaneously on one or more devices, depending on the subscription plan.

With the Essential plan, it doesn’t take more than one additional person to create a blockage when trying to watch a series on Netflix. You may have accessed the account from the PC of a friend, roommate or family member. The account remained saved on his device. With the Standard and Premium plans, it is respectively two and four screens maximum connected simultaneously.

Netflix: how to identify and block intruders on your account?

Netflix says your Netflix account is in use on another device. The only possibility to check if there are possibly other people connected is to access the menu Accounts from a browser. In the section Settings, click on Recent streaming activity. You have a list of the devices which connected last, the date and time, the country, the region as well as the user’s IP address …

This information is quite good at noticing if someone else has used your account, but also at giving you an idea of ​​who it might be. Especially if the intruder is a member of your family or if it is a foreign person. If everyone connects to the same WiFi network, it will be more difficult to sort it out.

There is only one solution to block access to your account: disconnect your account from all devices. To do this, log into Netflix using a web browser, click on your profile name at the top right and then on Account. In the Settings section, click ” Sign out of all devices “. Then, don’t forget to change the password, always in the Account menu.

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