To resell your Mac at the best price, follow these tips!

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Before you sell your Mac

Before reselling your Mac, we recommend that you clean it (screen, keyboard, touchpad, etc.), reset it to factory settings, to log out of your Apple account, and finally reinstall macOS.

To attract more potential buyers, also try to hand over the original packaging from your computer. If you are not sure which model you own or and would like to know its technical characteristics then do not hesitate to read our tutorial: How to identify a Mac?

How do you determine the resale price of your Mac?

First of all, in order to determine the resale price of your Mac it is important that you identify it, in order to be able to list its technical characteristics for example. Then, check out personal ad sites like eBay, vivastreet or The good corner. This will allow you to have an overview of the prices charged by other resellers of the same Mac model, and if the supply is greater than the demand.

It is important to remain objective about the condition of your Mac, whether it is new, used, etc.

Your price should be neither too high nor too low. Indeed, a buyer may choose a new product barely more expensive than yours, or on the contrary, he may think that your computer is defective.

We also advise you to go to the Apple Certified Refurbished Site, where the brand’s products are refurbished by their services and then resold. The buyer, if he turns to this site, will be assured of a very good reconditioning quality, Apple certified, and would benefit from a one year warranty.

It’s up to you to study the competition and find the right price for your Mac.

When to sell your Mac?

To increase your chances of reselling, also watch the schedule.

New products are often presented during Apple Keynotes. So it’s important that you know when new Macs are going to come out to sell yours way before.

You can put your Mac on sale during the summer, before the start of the school year. To start a new academic year, many students want to afford a high-performance computer without spending an astronomical sum. There are Apple offers exclusively for students but the prices charged remain quite high …

Christmas is also a highlight during which many people are looking for good tech tips, new or second-hand products in very good condition, at an “affordable” price.

Where to sell your Mac?

Is your Mac ready and you know when to put it on sale? All you have to do is decide on which platform or via which service you want to sell it.

In general, a person-to-person sale is more advantageous because it is done at your price. With a store or a recovery service, it is very likely that it reserves a sales margin.

Of course, this saves you time but maybe less money …

Apple recycling program

The Apple recycling program is a service that can take back your old Mac whether it is running or not. Subject to eligibility,Apple takes your Mac back and estimates its value. Then, the corresponding sum is paid to you, in the form of a credit note, to purchase other products of the brand on the Apple Store.

Note that some PCs and Android devices can also be recycled by Apple.


You want to renew your Mac (iPhone, iPad or even Apple Watch) and share it with someone else, then go through the service e-Recycle.

Thanks to the latter, you will give your old MacOS a second chance (life) and participate in the circular economy.

How to do it ? There is nothing more simple. Meeting on e-Recycle, estimate your device and send it for free. Their partner workshops will take care of restoring it, ready for resale.

e-Recycle also offers the purchase of reconditioned iOS and MacOS, in addition they come with a 6 month warranty!

Back Market

Back Market is a French company that has created a platform on which to sell (or buy) your smartphone, computer, iPad and more.

Unlike a used product, the reconditioned is refurbished (or almost) giving it the advantage of being both up to your means and of very good quality.

Back Market only works in partnership with serious factories that are regularly checked. To further reassure buyers, the company offers a guarantee of at least 6 months, in the event of minor problems with the product.


mac2cash is a Nantes service specializing in the purchase of Macs. Its service is very easy to use, you just have to enter the serial number of your computer, validate, then a redemption price will be displayed.

If you accept this offer, then all you have to do is fill in the address and schedule a UPS pickup date (at their expense). After your Mac is received and inspected, you will receive the approved amount.

These two services below could also help you resell your Mac:

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