Tips for mastering Signal instant messaging

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Some WhatsApp users, worried about the new terms of service relating to private data messaging, are turning to other platforms to chat online. Signal is the number one app downloads on the Play Store and App Store. Here are some tips to better master the Signal application.

Signal network benefits from criticism against WhatsApp

From February 8, 2021, WhatsApp will modify its general conditions of use (T & Cs). From that date, the instant messaging service will be able to share the personal data of its users with its parent company, Facebook.

The update of the privacy policy has prompted some WhatsApp users to seek an alternative. This regulatory change benefits platforms little known to the general public. This is the case for example with the Signal application.

After several years spent in the bottom of the rankings, the Signal instant messaging service is now one of the most downloaded applications on iOS but also on Android. The app even offers itself the luxury of beating its prestigious competitor WhatsApp in several countries.

How to use Signal

The Signal app is available on the two largest app stores in the world (Play Store and App Store). It offers the same features as its competitors. You will be able to send messages, photos, videos but also make audio and video calls.

  • Download the Signal app from the Play Store
  • Then open the messaging service you just installed on your smartphone
  • During the first launch you will be asked to enter your phone number
  • You will then need to enter a six-digit number that the application will send you by SMS.
  • Press the submit button to complete the registration
  • The Signal app will ask for your permission to send you notifications (new messages, incoming calls)
  • Click the authorize button
  • Then enter your name. Note that the latter will appear on the phone of your contacts
  • You can also add a profile picture

For people wishing to manage their SMS directly in Signal, know that it is possible to define this service as default SMS application. Another important detail, Signal is a secure application that encrypts all end-to-end communications.

The data is only accessible from the sender’s and recipient’s app. The encryption algorithm used by Signal is open-source. It is therefore submitted to security experts around the world. Also note that the service does not save any data on contacts or messages.

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