Tinder or Lovoo? What is the best dating app?

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Tinder or Lovoo? What is the best dating app?

One of the categories of applications that has grown quite dramatically over time as mobile phones have become more and more a part of our lives and technologically advanced is without any doubt that applications meetings, to meet boys or girls. There are many such apps out there like Badoo which is one of the oldest in a way, it has just been a web platform that has evolved incredibly to be on many mobile phones.

But everyone knows Badoo, that’s why today I want to tell you about two other apps that have good popularity too, but if you want to know which one is better if Tinder or Lovoo,then I’ll tell you exactly which one is the better of the two.

Which is better: Tinder or Lovoo

These apps are mostly designed to date, just to have a good time and nothing else. Obviously the developers sell them as dating apps, but we all know very well that getting a “girlfriend” or “boyfriend” in this class of apps isn’t exactly the best thing to do, it so is popularly used to have a crazy night with someone and you are done.

There are also a lot of people who just meet people to make friends and get acquainted, something such apps are used for as well.

Of the two of us we do can’t deny that Tinder is by far better known than Lovoo is,but if you ask me which one is better? I answer you quite sure: None.

Tinder vs Lovoo

Why are none of them better? Just because you can use both, it’s that easy. I have to confess that I have used Badoo and Tindersome time ago, the result is quite curious because when I did not give results one application, with the other, I started to have a good number of couples, of mutual attraction mainly.

So I recommend you to use the two applications, one time each and see where you are luckier, than leaving out any “beautiful” thing that has the application, the interesting thing is really to flirt with a girl or a girl. guy isto be lucky to get a good amount of mutual attractions to be able to achieve something, so that some work better Tinder and other Lovoo,just give it a try and maybe you will end up working both apps just fine and you can make multiple appointments with different people through the two apps in question.

How Tinder works is actually very simple. The first thing you should know is that its interface is probably one of the causes of its success, considering that it is very comfortable, easy to use, andthat it is intuitive, even for those who have just discovered it. Either way, once you have created a brand new user profile or through your Facebook account, you will be able to start checking out other user profiles that are part of the app.

As we said before, if you are not sure how to use an app to link it by syncing it with your Facebook account, you should know that it is possible to either configure a privacy setting for your account Facebook that blocks shared data, ie generate an account of 0 by e-mail. In both cases, Tinder will start showing you pictures and a little personality review of the people who are part of the app, still with a limit of 500 characters.

Of course, a detail no less is that Tinder will allows filtering by gender and age people who will be shown to you, so that you significantly increase the chances of finding someone you like. What you have to do then is to slide the tabs of the users. If you drag them to the left it means that there is no interest, if you drag it to the right it means that there is interest, and if you slide up that basically going to tell the other person that you liked them more than usual.

Finally, if you’ve tagged someone you love and they’ve tagged you too, there’s something called in Tindera match, that is, a match or a meeting, from which we will have access to a chat system with which we can contact the other person. As you can see, the operation of this app is quite simple, there is nothing special about it, and anyone can almost immediately enjoy the many benefits of trying to flirt with her.

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