the world’s best FPS player rank system.

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The sport becomes one of the fastest growing communities in the world today. Indeed, more and more people can have access to the Internet, which allows them to play esports games. Among the first on the list, we find Counter Strike: Global Offense, more commonly called CS GO. This fps displays a graphics worthy of the latest technological cards, and offering an unforgettable gaming experience.

This is one of the first person shooter games best known on the PC platform, and where it is possible to progress in rank. Also, as is the case with many other games, CS GO features a rank system that allows you to compete against people of the same level as you (in theory). However, unlike a game like Rocket League or League Of Legends, Counter Strike keeps the rank algorithm a secret, which doesn’t tell when you can be ” promoted “. On the other hand, some clues let us think how to determine and know the system of rank.

Counter Strike, the FPS pioneer

Counter strike Today has over 20 years of first-person shooter experience. Valve’s game has begun like a small mod, but quickly became a real global phenomenon. A staple of esport since its inception, CS is an extraordinary title, which drives counters into a panic thanks to a concept known the world over.


It was not until the end of the 1990s that 2 students, Gooseman and Jess Cliffe, meet while working on the mod Action Quake 2. This era wanted to break free from the frenzied gameplay model by creating a mod more realistic, real weapons and stories of terrorism. Seduced by this idea, the duo set to work on it and Counter Strike immediately stood out from fast and futuristic FPS like Quake and Unreal.

An open and innovative world

Considered one of the most played first person shooters in the world, CS owes its reputation to a popular mode: ” the defuse “. It is a grouping of 5 terrorists who have to detonate a bomb, while 5 anti-terrorists try to prevent them. Thus, to win the game, you do not necessarily have to nag to get a maximum of kills, but rather a teamwork and coordination.

From the top of its many maps and level design, Counter Strike fascinates players with its tactical richness combined with its infinite number of strategic possibilities, its graphics and its nervous gameplay.

Breathtaking realism

Finally, the game is distinguished above all by its realism. First of all by his weapons, who are models drawn from reality and who each have their own mastery. In addition, they all behave differently, and have different setbacks. Subsequently, the player must learn to manage the money won at the end of each round, in order to buy the optimal adequate equipment.

Indeed, in Counter Strike, it is possible to accumulate a main weapon, secondary, as well as a bulletproof vest and grenades. However, assault rifles cannot be stacked. Here, the weight of the weapon influences the speed of movement. On the other hand, the weapons are linked to different powers, but what mainly influences death is the area of ​​the body affected by the impact. For example, a ” headshot Well placed can kill instantly with a secondary weapon.

How does the CS GO grade system work?

Progressing through the rank system in Counter Strike: Global Offensive can be difficult at times, especially if you are unfamiliar with the rank factors. Indeed, on CS GO, the rank system goes from rank ” Silver 1 ” rank ” Global Elite “. Here, the game takes into account each of your actions, which has direct repercussions on your MMR (value assigned to a player): kills, assists, MVP titles, etc.

Grades and obtaining a level

The CS GO game system allows different players to compete in competitive games. However, in order to offer balanced games, matchmaking pits players of the same level against each other. This level is determined by the rank system, which includes the following ranks:

  • The Silver, going from level 1 to level 4 to reach the rank of “Silver Elite” and “Silver Elite Master”.
  • The Gold, going from level 1 to level 3 and comes out on the “Gold Nova Master”, “Master Guardian I” and “Master Guardian II”.
  • Finally, the rank category Master, which includes the “Master Guardian Elite”, “Distinguished Master Guardian”, “Legendary Eagle”, “Legendary Eagle Master”, “Supreme Master First Class” and finally, “The Global Elite”.

How to be ranked on CS GO?

To be able to rise in rank and level, it is necessary to play ” classified games “. The first grade is determined after 10 ranked games won, during which the system will analyze your level. Once the 10 victories are assured, the system will assign you your rank and you will be able to see how far you have to go to reach the summits.

In order to assign a level to the different players, the system uses a calculation method, which defines a value for each of them: this is the MMR.


the Match Making Rating is represented by a score assigned to each player. It is calculated based on player performance, which will allow him to oppose opponents of the same level.

Contrary to popular belief, performance is not just about kills and assists, but rather rounds won and the impact that player had during them. For example, a player who plants the bomb, who defuses it or who survives several rounds won will see his MMR go up.

What are the ranks of Counter Strike?


The silver rank is dedicated to beginners of the game. It brings together players who are still learning the game, who have difficulty aiming and who are new to the maps. Going up in silver requires having a little more strategy than your opponent, or better aiming and hoping to go up.


At this grade, you begin to have a ” good level », Despite some shortcomings. However, it is necessary to remain cooperative and polite. This rank has a lot of smurf (person with a high ranking level but with a much lower rank). In order to avoid them, do not get upset, you will end up finding good teammates.

AK and DMG

This is the Master Guardian rank, quite versatile. Being a confirmed level, the players of the rank have good technique and precision above the majority. Here, the difference is at the level of coordination.

Eagle and Supreme

The game’s coveted rank brings together a good chunk of Counter Strike’s best players. This is the top level, close to the professional.


The highest rank on Counter Strike. It brings together competitive players in esports tournaments, and offers a game worthy of the biggest rising stars in the game.

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