The top weather apps and widgets for Android

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With spring sunny days usually arrive and this want to take the air! But you will agree that 2021 surprised more than one with this capricious weather. It is as if time has lost its way. So to no longer be surprised, think about install a weather app or widget on your Android!

But in fact what is a widget? It is a small thumbnail displayed all the time on your homepage. Widgets also vary by Android starter apps. So no more need to launch an app! You will thus have the latest forecast on hand and usually with a very high precision because your location is geo-located.

The best weather apps on Android – widgets included

  1. Yahoo Weather

    Yahoo! Weather, the most user-friendly

    Yahoo! Weather on Android offers forecast for the next 5 days. Convenient for those who want prepare activities in advance. In addition, detailed meteorological data is provided by the channel The Weather Channel. Another advantage is the simultaneous display for many cities. and to finish the sharing on social networks! This app has it all.

  2. 1Weather

    1Weather, popular Android app and widget

    1Weather is probably very popular for the quality of the information offered. You will benefit in particular from very precise weather conditions as to your location and within the hour. Finally this app offers widgets for your home screen. Very practical for those who want to keep an eye on time, all the time!

  3. Weather France Pro

    France Pro, essential!

    Another app that offers many features with in particular weather reports videos. In addition to this you will be able to benefit from alerts and other notifications so as not to miss anything.

  4. Weather by WeatherBug

    An Android weather pioneer, WeatherBug

    WeatherBug is undoubtedly one of the very first weather apps on Android. In particular, it offers a full account of the weather in real time in several parts of the world. His Very precise GPS is another strong point. You will receive storm or snow alerts for example.

  5. Overdrop - Weather & Widgets

    Overdrop – the easiest weather app

    This app to consult weather forecast is very recent on Android. Which gives it a modern interface with surprising animations – without forgetting its widgets.

    Also an advantage over others, the weather for next seven days. It also indicates other criteria such as wind speed or humidity.

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