the PS5 does not connect to Wifi Very easy!

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We really want to play an online game, but the The PS5 does not connect to Wifi Is there a solution? Don’t worry about finding the solution, it is not at all complicated and we are going to take a step-by-step look at all the methods we have available to be able to find the solution to this annoying problem.

Check the PlayStation network

In some cases, the problem may not really be ours. Otherwise the same Sony PSN servers have another problem or are in maintenance. It is a rare thing, although it can happen. What can we do? Wait and check if the problem is really with the PSN server, just to be sure.

We enter the PlayStation Network site where we can check if the servers are active. In this section we can confirm whether the Sony servers are working properly.

In case the site does not load you, check that you can surf the internet without any problem by visiting other websites.

Check that my PS5 is connected to Wifi

If the Sony PSN servers are working fine and the PS5 does not connect to Wifi, then we will need to verify that our console is connected to the internet. For that we will simply follow the steps that we will leave you below:

The first thing we’ll do will be on the main screen of the PS5, look for the “Settings” option which is at the top right corner of the screen, it’s the gear icon.

Check the internet connection on PS5

In the menu that opens, we will have to select the “Network” option to access the network settings. Then we will click on the option “Test Internet Connection” which is located below everything and we will wait for the test to be completed.

If the test fails, we will need to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network from Settings> Configure Internet Connection.

Sometimes everything seems to work: Sony PSN servers, router, internet, PlayStation 5 and you may still have connection issues, how can we fix them? Restart the router and the PlayStation 5. It seems like a simple fix, but it works a few times. Especially if the PS5 has been inactive for too long, so ideally you should turn off the PS5 and the router for a few minutes.

If the internet is working, you can try to change the DNS of the connection. It’s something that works great on Windows too.

  • What we’re going to do is enter “Settings”.
  • Next, we will select “Network”.
  • Now we go back to “Settings”.
  • Click on “Configure Internet connection”.
  • Now find the network you want to connect to and select it.
  • Configure DNS on PS5 that does not connect to Wifi

  • Click on “Advanced configuration” of the said network.
  • Then we go to “DNS configuration”
  • To the right of “DNS Configuration” appears “Automatic” we will have to select “Manual” by pressing this option the menu with the section we are looking for is displayed.
  • Now we will use the Google DNS, the first one is:; while the secondary is:; Google’s DNS works great and is quite fast.

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