The package repository is corrupted: Office error in Windows 10

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It is certainly annoying enough to want to use Word, Excel, PowerPoint and even Outlook and come across the message that the deposit of packages this damaged, an error of Microsoft Office at Windows 10 Want to fix this problem quickly? In the following article, we will see what we can do to find the solution.

It is not a problem that occurs too often. However, it can be extremely annoying when this happens and we will see a little bit below how we can do to avoid the appearance of the message that the package repository is damaged, that annoying Microsoft Office error in Windows 10.

Microsoft Office package repository is corrupted in Windows 10

We will see a series of possible solutions to be able to end this problem once for all. You don’t have to apply the solutions we discuss in this article in order, you can do it however you want.

Update Microsoft Office

The first thing we should try when we have this kind of problem is to update Microsoft Office, that way we can fix the Office The Package repository problem; new updates may help resolve this issue.

Repair the Office suite

In case one of the applications in the Office suite is not working, like Word or Excel. So many times repairing or restarting it fixes the problem.

For that, what we need to do is go to “Start” and type “Control Panel”, then we click on “Programs and Features”. Next, we are going to right click on the Office program that we want to repair and we will select “Modify”. Now we will have to click on Repair> Continue and it will start repairing the app.

Once this process is complete, all that remains is to restart the computer.

Uninstall and reinstall Office

If after repairing the Office package, the problem persists. The most advisable thing would be to uninstall Office, fix a problem like CCleaner so that you can clean the registry, and then reinstall the program.

This should help resolve the package repository corruption issue in Microsoft Office on Windows 10.

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