the headphone jack of my smartphone no longer works

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Listening to music is still one of the most popular features of Android smartphone owners today. Unfortunately it sometimes happens that the headphone jack is a problem. Check out some tips for troubleshooting a bad headphone jack.

Your headphones no longer work with your smartphone

Forget the good old Hi-Fi system or the walkman. Today music is mainly listened to on a smartphone using a pair of audio headphones. The phenomenon is such that the headphones has become a real fashion accessory.

If you can’t imagine going a day without listening to music or watching a video clip, life might seem bland with a faulty headphone jack. The good news is that there are several solutions to put an end to this dysfunction.

As you probably know, a smartphone is nothing more than a mini-computer. There is an immutable rule when it comes to IT: As soon as you have a problem, the first thing to do is restart your phone. The result is not guaranteed but it will prevent you from wasting your money on buying a new headset.

Check that the headphones are working properly

To meet the expectations of audiophiles, smartphone manufacturers are constantly improving the sound quality of their devices. In most cases, the sound problems come from the headphones and not from the smartphone.

You can verify this hypothesis very easily. To do this, simply connect your headphones to another device (computer, hi-fi system, television, smartphone, mp3 player, tablet). Then start a piece of music or an audio source.

If no sound is coming out of the headphones, no need to go any further. The problem is with your headphones. All you have to do is order a new headset. They are found today at all prices. If, on the other hand, the headphones work perfectly on another device, you will have to look elsewhere for the source of your problem.

Check your smartphone’s sound settings

If you cannot hear any sound, it could either be a malfunction of the headphone jack or a software issue. First of all, we will check that no device is connected via Bluetooth on your smartphone.

  • Open your Android phone’s settings
  • Click on the connected devices section
  • Tap connection preferences
  • Select the Bluetooth option
  • Make sure the switch is off

If that still doesn’t work, go take a look at the headphone jack. Dust and tissue debris could obstruct the port and interfere with the proper functioning of your helmet. Avoid using a sharp object to remove dirt. You risk damaging your phone’s jack port.

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