The big casinos of the world: what you need to know

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When you hear the word “casino”, what immediately comes to your mind are
those places that offer gambling to their customers. Establishments are
larger than others, but some are truly palatial. We will mostly talk
of these.

Admittedly, many players are still wary of playing with a
virtual croupier. But, everything suggests that the robot is the future of the casino

These giant casinos are both impressive and state-of-the-art. Know that they
can measure up to nearly 50,000 square meters. Similar to establishments that
are smaller in size, they must obtain a gaming license in order to
receive players. These are also subject to laws specific to each

The Venetian Macao is one of the biggest casinos on the planet. As
its name suggests it, it is installed in China, in the coastal zone of Macao, and its
architectures are inspired by the city of Venice. You can walk there by
gondola like in Italy. The establishment has nearly 3,000 slot machines and
870 tables for roulette and card games. It also has 3,000 rooms,
24 restaurant-bars, 1 conference room, 3 shopping centers, 4 swimming pools and even
1 performance hall that can accommodate up to 15,000 people.

Located in the city of Ledyard, in the USA, Foxwoods Resort Casino is not
far from New York. You can find around 7,000 slot machines and 400
tables for card games, craps and roulette. The establishment counts
also 29 restaurant-bars and 824 rooms. At the same time, it offers spas,
theater and performance venues as well as golf courses.

Rio Casino Resort is also one of the most prestigious casinos in the world. It is
located in the town of Klerksdorp (South Africa), near Johannesburg. It’s about
largest gaming establishment on the African continent. It takes its name from the carnival
de Rio de Janeiro, the most popular event in Brazil. It offers 257 machines
under and 12 tables for card games. Within the establishment, you can
access private game rooms, theaters, etc. You also have to
at your disposal 2 restaurant-bars and 70 hotel rooms.

In Lisbon, there is also a casino called Le Lisboa which is worth talking about.
It is one of the most important monuments of the capital of Portugal. It is part of
largest gaming establishments on the European continent. It is more precisely

a casino hotel with 7 restaurant-bars and 1,000 rooms. By visiting this
place, local and international tourists have at their disposal 26 table games
cards and 1,000 slot machines.

It should be noted that currently the largest casinos in the world are
mostly concentrated in Macau. Indeed, we still find there for example that of
Ponte 16, MGM Macau, The Sands Macao and City of Dreams. It is just as
important to know that for a few years now, online casinos
remain booming. This is because they provide entertainment
comfortably anytime and anywhere.

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