the best way to secure your email.

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Cybersecurity brings together the means of defense against any malicious attack. It consists of preserving computers, mobile devices, servers, company data, etc. One of its methods is that which ensures the security of emails.

Definition of email security

The email security refers to the various techniques that help protect information in email communication and email accounts against unauthorized access. It is through the e-mails than :

  • malware;
  • spam emails;
  • phishing attacks;

are broadcast. The email security is located on the content side of these, but also on the level of the account used to connect.

The criminals often send messages deceptive to trick receivers into giving out sensitive information by clicking on links or opening attachments. Sometimes they use the emails to send malware to the victim’s device. Ensure the email security is important because it can be the entry point for people looking to get data from a business and integrate their networks.

Email security tools


E-mail occupies an essential place in business today. That is why organizations have established policies to secure emails. The first policy of this security consists of viewing in all emails that pass through the server, because it is necessary to understand their content in order to be able to act appropriately. After the implementation of this basic policy, the organization can adopt several policies of email security.

Secure messaging

It is necessary to set up a secure email gateway which analyzes and processes all incoming and outgoing mail. The gateway protects even against the most sophisticated attacks. The deployment of a automatic encryption solution is also essential to guarantee the email security. This solution prevents attackers from viewing the emails sensitive, even if they manage to intercept them.

Tips for securing email

There are no miracles for secure emails, but with more vigilance, we can largely avoid cyber attacks. Whether it is a personal email or that of a company, you must:

  • choose complex passwords and change them regularly;
  • use an e-mail sorting system;
  • choose the right mailbox provider;
  • avoid opening emails of questionable origin;
  • never click on unknown links;
  • use a secure email in the private cloud;
  • use an antivirus and a firewall on all connected devices.

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