The best sim games for pc, android or iphone for free

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The best sim games for pc, android or iphone for free

The Sims is one of the best known games for the PC platform, the game started a few years ago as a PC game where the goal was to build a house for a family and do their best to make every family member happy. , have their needs complete and stay in good health. However, there are many games similar to Sims which can be downloaded for Android.

Why Sims is such a popular game

Looks like it was yesterday when they released the popular Sims game. A timeless game that represents a part of the childhood of many of our readers. It is presented as a fairly simple game, where your only task is to simulate the life of your character and to do the different tasks in their daily life.

The truth is, The Sims is a title that never goes out of style, because of how simple it is to play. The slightly addicting fun tasks, always attracting the most loyal players. If you have been playing it for a while, maybe you are a little bored, so we bring some options for you.

Some of the sims games available on the play store

Avakin Life

This is one of the games similar to Sims, in this game you can identify withothers, compete and explore the real world. Besides, this game can be viewed in three dimensions, and you can also decorate and personalize your house the way you like the most.


This mobile game is based on its ability to convert a user-programmed life and evolve while giving the player different options to choose from. The decisions he makes will affect the development of the game, with unintended, dramatic and even comical consequences. Bitlife resumes without doubts that random event mechanic we’ve seen so much in The Sims and adapts it to a much more humble game.


This game is from the same makers as The Sims, so you’ll notice some similarities. The big difference is that instead of building your apartment and shaping your life on Earth, we move to an alien world. The great success of this game is that the species you choose grows and if you manage its progress well, you will be able to achieve a successful position within the planet.

alternative sims

Virtual families 2

If you want to have a house of your own, with this game you can make this dream come true because it even allows you to adopt people you want to be part of your family. In this game you can earn money, work, meet all the needs your family has and appear along the way, thus filling your life with all the luxury you want to entertain yourself in this fun game.

House pinball machine

One of the most characteristic aspects of The Sims is the construction of houses. Many players are only dedicated to creating the house of their dreams and once done, they abandon their Sims by the house and move on to building another. House Flipper is a game designed for these types of players. This title offers you the challenge of renovating an old house and making it habitable until it becomes a fantastic house.

City Island 4

In this game you will have to build a city, besides, you can be the most popular in the game. Here you have to focus on building so that you can enjoy the great atmosphere generated by the city, you can have many builders in the city and if as a result you can have a paradise island with a lot of gold and silver.

Here is some of the sims games you can find for Android on google Play store. As you know, you have several to choose from, surely some will like you and thus you can entertain for hours taking care of your new virtual family members.

Games allow you to enjoy other modes oflife, to experience situations and to contemplate different worlds. With life simulators we can do what we used to do in our daily life, but in a video game.

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