The best ships in Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes

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Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes hosts an impressive list of ships new players can get lost in. You will need hard-hitting ships for Territory Wars, Territory Battles, Grand Arena Championships and Arena and Fleet Nodes. There are 43 ships and 8 capital ships currently available, and it can be difficult for new players to know where to start or what to aim for. We highlight the best ships of SWGoH that you need to get ASAP.

Quick Note: To use ships to their full potential, you need to fully equip and level up your characters and ships.

Dog Tooth – Bossk

Bossk’s Hound’s Tooth is the most versatile brick wall of a ship you can include on any roster. There might not be a better plug-and-play ship SWGoH, and she might be the best ship by far. This is the first line of defense that any opposing player must cross to eliminate your damage dealers. You won’t find too many high-ranking Fleet Arena teams without Hound’s Tooth as a starting ship for a battle.

Hound’s Tooth earns his money solely from Bossk’s unique ability, Trandoshan Barricade. He gains 25% protection for 2 turns whenever he takes damage from an enemy attack. While Hound’s Tooth does not have the Taunt buff, HT has + 50% Tenacity and gains + 25% Turn Counter whenever another ally takes damage from an enemy attack.

dog teeth best swgoh ships

Hound’s Tooth is a one-turn pony with its stackable Protection Up-Taunt combo, and can only be defeated by a few ships. The ship alone is a great reason for Relic Bossk, as he’s a beast (mostly a lizard) both in ships and for Bounty Hunter PvP squads.

Umbaran Starfighter – CT-5555 Fives

Fives’ Umbaran Starfighter is one of the most SWGoH. It goes from a soft noodle target lock machine to a big hitter as soon as you get Fives at Relic 7. It has a high health pool and attack stats that can kill some ships. He’s also quite fast as he gains an extra turn counter every time he attacks, making him a quick and dangerous fighter.

We mentioned that only a few ships can counter Hound’s Tooth, and Fives in the Umbaran Starfighter is one of them. Its basic attack can lock the target, which will dispel all buffs on the target enemy. This means that the Umbaran Starfighter will ignore dog tooth protection. Its special attack, Umbaran Missile Pods, will inflict Target Lock on the targeted enemy and can attack indirect ships if they also suffer from the Target Lock debuff.

five swgoh ship

Eta-2 Starfighter Anakin – Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker

Another key part of General Kenobi Negotiator’s fleet squad is Anakin’s Eta-2 Starfighter. If Jedi Knight Anakin Skylwalker is in Relic 7, the ship is one of the strongest attackers in the game. The ship’s kit is designed to do as much damage as possible, so it’s best to keep it alive as much as possible. long possible.

The AoE special attack inflicts both buff immunity and healing immunity, allowing it to counter tankers like Hound’s Tooth before they trigger a taunt. Anakin’s basic attack also inflicts Target Lock, which is the key to Fives’ special attack mentioned above.

anakin swgoh ship

Han Millennium Falcon – Han Solo and Chewbacca

Han’s Millennium Falcon is the cornerstone of any rebel fleet under Admiral Ackbar. This high level attacker can call in allies to help him attack or help allies attack, which means a constant barrage of damage. Han’s Millennium Falcon can also use a unique ability, Watch This, which dispels all debuffs on itself and grants the Millennium Falcon the unique Outmaneuver buff. This buff grants 25% Evasion, and while it is in effect, Falcon cannot be countered and cannot be targeted if other allies are present. Even stealthy allies will be targeted before the Millennium Falcon if it has Outmaneuver activated.

Place Han’s Millennium Falcon alongside Biggs Darklighter’s X Wing and Rebel Y Wing to start any encounter. MilF’s basic attack will generate target lock on enemies, grant Biggs taunt, and fill his protection, meaning Han will have a bodyguard to keep him alive and attacking for as long as possible. Just make sure to avoid any fleets in the Empire that have the Imperial Bomber. The Imperial Tie Bomber Burning debuff will prevent allies from being called in to attack.

han millennium falcon

Imperial tie bomber jacket

The Imperial Tie Bomber is an unmanned ship that fights Geonosian ships and rebel fleets. If the Tie Bomber can relinquish its proton bombardment ability and inflict Burn, the Empire’s ships can wreak havoc without fear of being overwhelmed.

This ship alone is viable in the Lower Stars and can turn any weak Empire team into a strong C team to clean up some remaining teams in Territory Wars or Grand Arena Championship. It is included among the best SWGoH ships to be able to counter two important teams alone.

imperial tie bomber

A few honorable mentions that weren’t on the list: Rebel Y-wing, BTL-B Y-wing Starfighter, Xanadu Blood, Sun Fac’s Geonosian Starfighter, and Ahsoka Tano’s Jedi Starfighter.

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