The best free launchers to hide apps on Android

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The launcher on Android it’s a bit like his computer desk. In other words, your phone’s application launcher. It also offers different customization options as well as various themes. As long as you find the one that best matches your tastes and needs. Because indeed, there are many launchers on Android.

Those who are most often downloaded on Android Lista have one thing in common, they all have the function to hide applications. This is very practical when you leave your phone here or there. Whether it be colleagues or family, they can very well take a look if your smartphone is not locked.

Here is our selection to avoid you looking for too long!

The top 5 launchers that allow you to hide apps on Android

  1. U Launcher Lite - FREE Live Cool Themes, Hide Apps

    U Launcher Lite with Free Themes and 4D Live Wallpaper

    U Launcher Lite is here free version of the Pro version of U Launcher. This launcher Android is often updated with many themes including beautiful 3D effects. Of course it also allows hide apps on your home screen Android. Note that it also manages your smartphone performance to optimize its resources.

  2. Lawnchair 2

    Lawnchair 2, for geeks

    This launcher stands out a bit. Indeed, it was designed by volunteers passionate about Android. So you can expect a lot of features for personalize your phone. In addition to unique themes and constantly updated, it also offers icon packs just as original. Without a doubt the most geeky option of this top 5!

  3. Evie launcher

    Evie Launcher, easy as pie

    Evie Launcher is a single launcher and no doubt the simplest of all in this Android Lista selection. And as such it is downloaded just as much as the large launchers like Nova or Apex. Unlike those, it allows hide apps on your home screen. It also benefits from a excellent research tool.

  4. POCO Launcher

    POCO Launcher 2, the featherweight

    Poco Launcher 2 is certainly light and minimalist but that does not limit its features. This application launcher is also developed by the xiaomi smartphone maker. He stays compatible with all brands, so take a look if you want to test this option.

  5. Microsoft Launcher

    Microsoft Launcher, the pro’s choice

    The microsoft launcher, formerly Arrow Launcher, is arguably the best option for those who use the MS Office suite on their Android.

    Like the first in the list, it consumes few resources Android. And like all the others, many‘customization options in addition to power hide some apps. Finally, after installing the launcher, your phone will ask you to activate it as the main Launcher. You can always go back to the previous version easily.

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