The best fire-type Pokémon for VGC Series 9

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As May approaches, we’re getting closer to a new competitive series in Pokemon VGC. The Series 9 ruleset has been heralded as being essentially a repeat of Season 7. This means players will have an advantage preparing their teams in a familiar metagame. In this article, I’m going to show you the main types of fire you can bring to help you propel yourself to Masterball level in Pokemon VGC Series 9.


Galar’s new Fire Bunny caused a stir when he received his hidden ability, Libero. This causes Cinderace to change his type to reflect the move he’s about to use. In addition to the defensive advantages of being able to change types on the fly, Cinderace is able to take advantage of the attack bonus of the same type for every move he can learn.

Cinderace can also take advantage of her Gigantamax form to trigger the incredibly powerful G-Max Fireball. This is a Series 9 Pokémon to watch out for. Here is my suggested set:

  • Movements: Pyro Ball, Bounce, Sucker Punch, Iron Head
  • Item: Orb of Life / White Grass
  • Capacity: Libero
  • EV: 252 attacks, 252 speeds, 4 special defenses
  • Nature: Jolly

The investment in maximum speed allows Cinderace to take advantage of its high speed. With this set, he can overcome many quick threats such as Thundurus and Kartana. He can even overtake the ridiculously fast Regieleki if he’s able to get a single speed boost. It is not uncommon to encounter Cinderaces who are not wearing Protect in order to make the most of the Libero boosted set of moves. Of course, Protect can certainly be taken if you feel the need to.

Life Orb pushes Cinderace’s damage to lethal levels, while White Herb can help mitigate the attack drop of the all-pervading ability Intimidate. Cinderace will generally want to be the Dynamax Pokémon in battle. This not only gives him an extra boost for his attacks, but it also allows him to gain speed thanks to Max Airstream. With that in mind, it may be best not to put too many other Dynamax-dependent Pokémon on a Cinderace team. However, this fiery bunny is more than capable of being menacing even without Dynamax.


Rotom-Heat is one of the most surprisingly impressive Series 9 Pokémon for me. Whenever I throw an it on my team it is not uncommon to see that it can hit the majority of the opponent’s team for super effective damage. The fire and electrical blanket is nothing short of amazing, especially since the Levitate ability grants Rotom-Heat immunity to an otherwise crippling ground weakness.

In addition to their generally good coverage, Rotom-Heat has a great game against common Sun teams. Usually, these teams want to take advantage of the Sun to power Venusaur and Charizard. Rotom-Heat threatens both of these with super effective damage. Rotom can even use safety glasses to gain immunity to Venusaur’s debilitating sleep powder. If opponents play around this little oven too passively, it can set up a nasty plot and wipe out almost any opposition.

Here is my suggested set:

  • Movements: Overheating, Thunderbolt, Nasty Plot, Protect
  • Item: Sitrus Berry / safety glasses
  • Ability: Levitate
  • EV: 252 special attacks, 252 speeds, 4 special defenses
  • Nature: Shy

This set is designed to take full advantage of the offensive pressure of Rotom-Heat. With maximum speed investment, Rotom-Heat can accelerate Venusaur. Partnering with a Tailwind user can allow them to outrun even a chlorophyll boosted Venusaur.

Overheating is the only fire movement Rotom-Heat can learn. The side effect of the special attack can be mitigated with the use of Nasty Plot, or simply by dynamaxing to turn it into Max Flare.

Sitrus Berry gives Rotom a boost in its efficient HP. While Rotom has good defensive stats, his low HP can often get in the way. However, if you are using Rotom-Heat to counter Sun Teams, safety glasses can be a very effective item, as mentioned earlier. Safety glasses also have the nice side effect of ignoring spores, rage powder, and weather damage.


Speaking of Sun Teams, let’s talk about one of their most common members. Torkoal and Ninetails are the only Pokémon in Series 9 that have access to Drought. While Ninetails certainly has its advantages, Torkoal is the undisputed choice for sun setup. Its combination of immense physical mass, good utility, and terrifying eruptions make it a Pokémon to be respected and feared.

However, you don’t need to lead a Sun team to use this Pokémon. Torkoal can thrive in almost any team where the drought won’t stop his teammates. Torkoal is also one of the slowest Fully Evolved Pokémon, so if Trick Room is set up by you or your opponent, this turtle will almost always move first.

Here is my suggested set for Torkoal:

  • Movements: overheating, body press, yawning, protection
  • Item: Sitrus Bay
  • Capacity: drought
  • EV: 252 HP, 252 Defense, 4 Special Defense
  • Nature: Relaxed

While this set might not be the most popular, it quickly became one of my favorites. It sacrifices the immense power of the blowout for the more reliable overheating. Body Press allows Torkoal to deal constant damage using his high defense stat, which is also maximum in this set.

Yawn allows Torkoal to constantly threaten enemies with the sleep status, while Protect gives Torkoal more room to put himself in a threatening position. Sitrus Berry gives Torkoal extra longevity. The enormous volume of this set allows Torkoal to almost always survive a maximum earthquake of a maximum Landorus-Therian attack.


The fan-favorite Gen 1 starter made quite a scene in Sword and shield. Although he lost his mega evolutions, he gained a powerful Gigantamax form. The Solar Power capability also allows it to fit neatly into Sun teams, which are very popular on the scale. When the sun is out, very few people want to take a solar-powered G-Max Wildfire. Even if they survive the initial hit, passive lingering damage takes their life for a short period of time.

Charizard can also increase his speed with powerful Max Airstreams. It all combines to make one of the most powerful sweepers in the world. Sword and shield.

Here is my suggested set:

  • Movements: Heat Wave, Air Slash, Scorching Sands, Protect
  • Item: Orb of Life
  • Capacity: solar energy
  • EV: 252 special attacks, 252 speeds, 4 special defenses
  • Nature: Shy

Heat Wave gives Charizard a great spreading motion to use when not dynamaxed. Hurricane and Air Slash are the only special flight moves available for Charizard, and Air Slash is preferred because Hurricane has decreased the sun’s accuracy. Scorching Sands allows Charizard to hit rock types that would normally resist his fire and flight attacks.

Since Charizard is such a massive offensive threat, opponents will often want to target her. This is where Protect can preserve Charizard while his partner Pokemon mitigates enemy threats.

Charizard has a good, but not great, speed stat of 100. This means he’s tied to Regigigas’s speed and barely overtakes Urshifu. Maximizing your speed is key to keeping pace with these Series 9 Pokémon and many more. Charizard can hit hard, but his unimpressive volume means you want to make sure he hits first as often as possible.


Incineroar has been a constant presence in every Sword and shield VGC Series where this has been allowed, and it will almost certainly remain a popular Pokémon in Series 9. It has the perfect combination of strike, volume, pool of moves, and ability, to make it a Swiss Army Knife of a Pokémon. . He has exceptional utility, and even without a lot of attack investment, he can deal decent damage thanks to Flare Blitz. Incineroar can earn his place on virtually any team.

Here is my suggested set:

  • Movements: Flare Blitz, Fake Out, Parting Shot, Provocation
  • Article: Aguav Berry
  • Ability: intimidate
  • EV: 252 HP, 4 Attack, 32 Defense, 160 Special Defense, 60 Speed
  • Nature: Attention

Incineroar is currently in use with a wide range of sets on the scale. While Fake Out and Flare Blitz are constant staples, players have plenty of other great options to complete his remaining moves.

Parting Shot and Taunt have been my personal Incineroar moves lately. Parting Shot can seriously hamper your opponent’s attacks while still allowing Incineroar to transform into an ally. This helps preserve Incineroar to get more value from his intimidation and scythe.

Provocation is almost always helpful. This can prevent opposing Pokémon from increasing their stats, inflicting status conditions, or creating a tower room.

Incineroar is a Pokémon that gains value as it is alive in a match. The suggested EV statistics release is designed to maximize its volume. Since Incineroar has Intimidate, he doesn’t need as much physical defense. With 32 electric defense vehicles, Incineroar can outlast a Max Quake of most Landorus-Therians if he is able to intimidate them. 252 HP and 160 special defenses allow Incineroar to comfortably survive the Muddy Water of Tapu Fini.

The remaining EVs are quickly emptied so that the Incineroar can potentially overtake the other Incineroars. Being able to Fake Out before an opposing Incineroar can often turn things in your favor. Incineroar is certainly popular enough that you can expect to run into it a lot on the scale.

That’s it for the Superior Fire-type Pokémon. Check out some of our other competitors Pokemon guides to help you move up the ranks, and be sure to stay tuned to SQUAD for more Pokemon content.

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