The best casino slots games on Android

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Slot machines are the easiest games in the world. Anyone can play it and you don’t need a strategy or anything. You trigger the one-armed bandit like in the casino and you see if you have the winning combination or not. But it is difficult to find good slot machine games on Android. Therefore, we have selected 10 best slots games for Android.

616 Digital

616 digital is a development studio that has created many slot machine games for Android. This studio offers Freemium slots with in-app purchases, but there are also titles that you can buy directly. The latter case is more interesting, because you won’t have any nasty surprises with constant incentives to buy.

Magic Wonderland

6 Waves is another development studio that has designed several slot machine games for Android. Their games are based on particular themes such as magical realms, heroes, magical landscapes, etc. These are Freemium games, but you can choose between 12 slots games available. One of the best is Magic Wonderland Slots.

Huuuge games

Huuuge games is a development studio specializing in casino games. We have slot machines, but also roulette and card games. These are all Freemium games. You will need coins for these slots games on Android and there are several variations available. The in-app purchase mechanism spoils the game a bit, but it’s still great games.

Pharaoh’s Way Slots

Pharaoh’s Way Slots is one of the best slots games on Android. The developer claims that users have played over 2 trillion games. It offers several types of slot machines with 3 or 5 reels. You can play 10, 25 or 50 lines of reels. One of the problems is that you can’t save your games to the cloud and that means you lose everything if you change your phone.

Pharaohs Interactive

Pharaohs Interactive is a studio that only makes slots on Android. It offers a dozen titles with different types of reels to earn bonus coins. There’s even a slot game, Wizard of Oz Slots, which you can play offline. We appreciate the number of options available for each game.

Rocket Speed

Rocket Speed ​​offers dozens of slot machine games on Android. Most of the themes are inspired by classic casinos, but there are also more exotic themes with Cartoons and famous people. Most Rocket Speed ​​slots do not require an internet connection which is a huge plus. In addition, some titles do not require in-game currency which is also a good point. You can play Rocket Speed ​​without worrying about any nasty surprises.

Scientific Games Interactive

Scientific Games Interactive has a few slot machine games and we like the old school themes. You can access scoreboards, different game modes, daily bonuses, etc. Like most of the best slots games on Android, all titles are free.

Super Lucky Casino

Super Lucky Casino offers some great slots on Android. We have the usual themes, but we also have a theme on politics, which is interesting. Super Lucky Casino offers a tournament mode and scoreboards to beat the competition. All the games are Freemium which is not a good point, but you can try if they are worth it.

7Sultans slot machines

7Sultans slots are the few slot machines that are available on mobile and where you can play for real money. If we should find three good reasons to play on 7Sultans Mobile it looks like the € 500 bonus first, then the Tarzan slot machine and finally the Jurassic Park slot machine.


Zynga owns dozens of games and invests heavily in slots. They are much more colorful with explosions of color all over the place, but they are still slot games on Android. The themes are designed to suit the mechanics of slot machines and we appreciate this attention to detail. For example, you win Wonka chocolate bars in the Willy Wonka slot game.

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