The best apps for taking screenshots on Android

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Hello! Considering the number of applications that you use day by day, we can say that your smartphone has become a essential tool All day long! Alarm clock, info, messages, shopping, banking, delivery, nanny… work too! In short, given the constant flow of information, some are worth being saved. And how to?

Depending on the phone you have several button combinations. The screen is thus saved as an image with the date and time in the Screenshots folder. But again many apps make it easy for you and allow you togo further with your screenshots. Here is the selection of the French-speaking team at AndroidLista!

The ace square of Android apps for taking screenshots

Without doubt the 4 most used applications to make and manage your screenshots on Android, the easiest in the world.

  1. Screenshot

    Screenshot, as easy as Hello!

    Application extremely popular in android world. Simplicity as usual. Print Screen thanks to the’dedicated icon or by the usual buttons of your model. The advantage is that you can preview before decide on the backup and you can even choose the folder for this one. Very practical for those who love organize their screenshots.

  2. Screen Master: Screenshot & Photo Markup

    Screen Master: another tool with annotations

    This app is also acclaimed by users Android. Floating button on the screen allows a quick print. Big advantage, shake the screen too and this has attracted more than one. The export takes place at PNG format with a very high quality and allows to make annotations of any kind. A handy tool if you need add comments.

  3. Easy screenshot

    Easy screenshot

    That’s it all, and with this screen printing application, photo as well as video sequences are possible. For long pages, you can also scroll screenshot to save the whole page and not just what is displayed. Without doubt, the best option of advanced users which must save a whole page rather than a part.

  4. Touchshot (Screenshot)

    Touchshot (Screenshot)

    As the name suggests, the screenshot is done just by touch. You back up as fast as Lucky Luke who was shooting faster than his shadow. This app is denoted by the optiosn at the level of the backup quality. This will impact the file size and allow you tooptimize storage space if necessary. Thevideo recording is also possible and sharing is easy. A great option if you share often your videos on social networks or with colleagues.

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