The best alternatives to Among Us you must try

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The video games are more and more innovative. Among Us is one of the most popular games, which has surfaced in recent days. Sure Twitch or Facebook gaming, we love to watch the streamers play it. The game features simple graphics and minimalist characters without too much detail. Nevertheless, it is the detective strategy that shapes players and makes Among Us the most downloaded game on the Play Store and the App Store. In a sci-fi atmosphere, players try to repair a spaceship or identify the traitor among them who is trying to kill everyone.

You are fan of Among Us and you are looking for similar games ? So, you should definitely try these apps from role games in multiplayer mode ! It’s time to have fun with your friends without leaving your couch.

Alternatives to Among Us

You don’t have to have the latest Play Station model to play online with your friends. From your Android, you can have access to all categories of games: Royal Battles, adventure games, board games, racing games, etc. And if you are looking for alternatives to Among Us, we have collected the best role-playing games for Android for you.

  1. Murderous Pursuits

    Murderous Pursuits

    To start the list, nothing is better than this addicting chase game. Murderous Pursuits immerses you in an atmosphere of mystery and adventure similar to movies. Your mission is toidentify the impostors and eliminate them for to survive.

  2. Werewolf Online

    Werewolf Online

    In this online game full of challenges, you are part of a group of werewolf or villager. Players must Wrestle to survive or chase down the killer.

  3. No One Escape

    No One Escape

    This game is perfect during WiFi outages. Download No One Escape and play the role of murderer or victim. You can also to play with your friends in fashion multiplayer, once you have unlocked the online maps.

  4. Human: Fall Flat

    Human: Fall Flat

    You are passionate about brain teaser ? Here is a puzzle game complicated that you can try to work out with your spouse or friend. Protect your character and complete all the levels to win.

  5. Hide Online

    Hide Online

    The Hide Online action game is the digital version of hide and seek game. The players have to hide as props, in different rooms. To get started, you have to choose to be a hunter or a prop.



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