The 5 best apps to identify trees

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Trying to figure out what kind of tree you are looking at? One of those iPhone or Android apps certainly has the answer.

There are thousands of tree species in the world, and no two trees are the same. Identifying trees by species can be a difficult task. If you are not a professional arborist, you are unlikely to have much knowledge of different tree species.

These iPhone apps allow you to identify and gain more knowledge about a tree, whether for maintenance purposes or just out of interest.

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1. NatureID

NatureID: Identify plants, flowers, trees!

NatureID is a very powerful identification application that allows you to identify plants and trees with your mobile phone. Impressively enough, he can diagnose a problem with a diseased plant when you take a picture of it, and he’ll even give you tips on how to tackle the problem to cure your plant to help you out.

NatureID offers information and advice on plant care in written and video form. It even implements a social element by displaying a Feed plants that other NatureID users have identified.

This app may shock you with its annual price tag, but it is one of the top rated plant identification and care apps on the App Store right now with many users vouching for the best in the world. market.

Download : NatureID for ios | Android (Free, subscription available)

2. Identification of British trees

Tree ID - British trees
Tree ID - British trees

British Tree Identification by Woodland Trust is an elegant and responsive tree identification app that allows you to identify a tree by characteristic or registered trees. It also offers an A to Z list of British trees, which you can also find in other countries. .

Her tree map tracks your location (once permission is granted) and displays icons for all trees around your area. It lists the species, the familiar name, and the date this tree was added.

This feature relies on app users to update and enter trees around their local area. You can also donate directly through the app to help UK Trees.

Download : Identification of British trees for ios | Android (free)

3. Trees of the city

City Trees
City Trees

City Trees is a tree database and identification application that displays the number of trees and their respective species for selected cities around the world. It currently displays tree data for over 23 cities and the developer has placed their email address in the section About for people to contact him if the trees in their city are not shown.

This app uses city landscaping data along with user location to provide information about these trees. As time goes by and more and more cities are added, the app will be much more comprehensive and likely to cover your city as well.

Download : Trees in the city for ios (free)

4. Deciduous Trees 2.0 Lite

Laubbäume Lite
Laubbäume Lite

Deciduous Trees 2.0 Lite is the free version of Deciduous Trees and is a conifer-focused tree reference and identification app.

The application uses a different method from the others presented in this article; instead of showing a page when you do a search where you have to choose the elements of a tree that it then matches in its database, such as leaf shape, leaf layout, margin, color flowers.

By selecting them, the application will display the results that most closely match the characteristics you provided.

The app also offers a section Quiz where you can test your tree knowledge on your own or against other people in multiplayer apps. This feature provides a bit of fun and a more social element for identifying trees. Quizzes can also help you improve your idea of ​​which trees would look beautiful in your garden, just like the beginner gardening websites and apps .

Download : Deciduous Trees 2.0 Lite for ios (free and premium version available)

5. Identitee starter kit

Identitree Starter Kit
Identitree Starter Kit

Identitree Starter Kit is a well-designed, easy-to-use application that identifies trees using a series of questions that you must answer. For example, if the branches, twigs and leaf scars are alternate or opposite or whether the plants have thorns or not.

The app also offers a glossary and an A-Z list of different tree species, with entries for each tree, offering information about it, such as width (spacing), height, rate of growth, soil type, etc.

The Identitree Starter Kit is completely free and is a good way to identify trees as well as find more information on specific species.

Download : Identitree starter kit for ios | Android (free)

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Plant the seed

You will find tree identification much simpler with the use of the apps listed above, and their straightforward design style makes them accessible to everyone.

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