The 12 best educational programs for children LIST!

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Find educational programs for children This is something parents always need, because the fact that the little ones learn while having fun is a big plus. That is why, in this article, the best alternatives are mentioned so that you can offer your children an educational program that allows you to teach them subjects such as: math, sport, science, etc. Who, for the most part, are available on the internet.

In this sense, in the following list you will find educational programs for children, of different categoriesincluding cartoons. In this way, your children’s use of technology can be productive for their own intellectual development. It is important to stress that although some are not available on TV or have unsubscribed from the channel, they are still available on online platforms. Read on to learn all about the subject.

Nat Geo Laboratory

This is an original program from National Geographic, broadcast on the Nat Geo Kids channel (National Geographic Kids) in which children learn the basics of physics. Its fun theme will allow you develop your own experiences at home, how to create their own snow, lava lamp, motor, etc., while gaining new knowledge. The same this available on television and also on YouTube, on the Disney channel.

I can do it!

This is an educational series for children in which will learn through simple home experiences. It mainly aims to small between 4 and 6 years old of age, by teaching them in a fun way to do daily activities on their own. Among the themes of this program includes the skills learning, such as skipping rope and preparing healthy meals, such as fruit skewers.

And you, what do you work in?

This program is led by children and is aimed at children at teach them the typical trades of Chile. As their reporters carry out the investigation, they take on the tasks personally and bring the protagonists of each daunting task to the fore in different parts of the country. The same is broadcast on free channels in the mentioned region Yes also on the internet.

Ankle + Cat

This is an animated series in which its main characters, Peg, and his faithful friend, Gato, lead their lives on a square notebook scene. The purpose of this particular drawing is to teach children of different ages how to solve simple math problems, fun way. It’s very useful so that deepen your knowledge of strategy, at the same time that they increase their curiosity for mathematics. He is himself available only on the internet.

art attack

It is one of the oldest educational programs for children on this list. In the same encourages the creative development of the little ones and also the general public, by allowing them create fantastic crafts with recycled materials. It started airing on the Disney Channel in different parts of the world, but it is currently only available on the Internet.

Once upon a time the life

This cartoon series occupies an important place in the history of educational programs for children. He appeared in the 80s to teach the little ones at home, the importance of anatomy, human body care and different diseases. Although its transmission only lasted a year, it is a great alternative to show your children, the function of each organ and other important aspects.

Experiment, children’s science

This is another children’s program focused on scientific learning through various experiments. The objective of this documentary series is to develop and stimulate the curiosity of the little ones, through relevant subjects and playful scientific tests. In this way, they learn interesting things, such as: what is an eclipse, the pixels on a screen, molecules, etc. Live is available on the internet.

Mickey mouse house

It is in the category of educational programs for children aged 2 to 5 of age. In this animated series, its protagonists: Mickey, Donald, Goofy, Minnie, Pluto and Daisy, embark on fun adventures with their friends, while solving problems. He teaches the little ones subjects such as: location and space relationship, mathematics, English, shape identification, colors, etc.

All this in a pleasant and entertaining way, focused on interaction with the user by asking questions and encouraging their active participation in the transmission of the program. Unfortunately, this fun educational series was last broadcast in 2016. However, still available on Disney +.


This is a program dedicated to learning and practice of Yoga in children, allowing parents to spend quality time with their children, while sharing, meeting and having fun. Yogic is led by Joaqui and Juli, two women who, with their imaginations, will take your son beyond the galaxy with funny stories by performing postures and movements of this discipline. You can enjoy this series on the Internet, from his channel on YouTube.

Chameleon and the natural sciences

It is a program based on cartoons, where its main character is a chameleon who invites children to travel the world while learn about natural sciences. It’s perfect in order to children of all ages, because it teaches them topics of interest such as: human body, light, exercise, living things, bones, etc. in a fun and entertaining way. To enjoy Camaleón and the natural sciences, you can visit his YouTube channel.

Daniel Tiger

This is a program designed for children from 3 years old, in which they are taught social and emotional skills. Which are very useful for preschoolers as well, Daniel the tiger encourages them to be independent being able to do things on your own, like going to the bathroom for example. In addition, they will learn to recognize their own feelings, take care of others, take turns, etc.

Strange team

This popular educational television series is dedicated to older children. In it, Agents Otto and Olivia focus on solving very specific problems using mathematics. With Odd Squad, your children they will learn to multiply, divide, subtract, add, count 2 by 2, geometric shapes, etc., in a pleasant way. All this, while enjoying this entertaining program, now, although it is no longer available on television, you can find it on netflix.

As we have seen throughout this article, there are still some educational programs that you can share with your kids to learn important topics for your education. Keep in mind that those who are on streaming platforms, like Netflix and Disney +, require a subscription to be able to view them.

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