Ten percent: where to watch the entire French series?

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After its broadcast on France 2, but also its success, the French series Dix pour cent was added to the Netflix catalog, and recently joined that of Salto.

The synopsis

Four agents of actors struggle every day to land the best roles for their clients, and this under the orders of the founder of the artistic company ASK. Following his sudden death, these agents now find themselves alone to lead the boat …

Between a demanding clientele, daily hassles and competition within the agency, will they manage to stay the course?

Watch Ten Percent on Netflix

To watch Ten Percent on Netflix, like any other series, you need to subscribe to the platform.

If this is not your case already, then you can register directly from the site. There are three monthly subscription plans: Essential at € 7.99 / month (1 single screen), Standard at € 11.99 / month (2 screens at a time) and Premium at € 15.99 / month (4 screens at times).

Once subscribed, you can access Netflix from your smartphone, tablet, TV or computer using its application (ios, Android).

Watch Ten Percent on Salto

Since October 20, 2020, the streaming service made in France, Salto, was launched in France. Alongside Fargo, 3x Manon or The Handmaid’s Tale, we find seasons 2, 3 and 4 of Ten percent.

Salto comes in 3 non-binding offers: Solo at € 6.99 (1 single screen), Duo at € 9.99 (2 screens) and Tribu at € 12.99 (4 screens).

In addition to being cheaper, this service has the advantage, compared to Netflix, of offering a free month trial.

Watch Ten percent from abroad

If you are abroad, and want to access your Netflix or Salto account, then you can subscribe to a VPN (virtual private network).

It allows you to hide your location and access all your programs as if you were in France. However, be aware that this trick can cost you your subscription …

If you want to use a VPN, we recommend NordVPN for his safety or ExpressVPN for its speed. Do not hesitate to consult our comparison of best VPNs (some are free).

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