Telegram functions that are not on WhatsApp

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The world oftoday is connected and you too. You keep calling on your trusty Android for work and communication. These are also the messengers like Telegram and WhatsApp which are the most used.

The free calls video and audio, the multimedia side with sharing of any kind of file. Everything is even there friendliness with group management. For basic use, the apps are the same, but the advanced functions seem more numerous on Telegram which continues to innovate in the matter. So let’s move on Review these functions!

Editing sent messages

How many times do you have regretted send this message WhatsApp? Badly written and perhaps badly perceived. Could not fix it, must be erased. Well not on Telegram!

It couldn’t be simpler! Tap on the message and in the menu that appears, select To modify as shown below.

Sending heavy, very heavy files!

While WhatsApp limit attachments at 100 MB, it is the great luxury at Telegram. Indeed, the maximum size is 2 GB that is 20 times more. Spread the word!

Add a contact without his phone number

Everything passes through the phone number on WhatsApp. It’s’unique identifier therefore, to say. Not on Telegram where this data is all considered private. It is therefore possible to add a contact with his username which is much more practical.

Multiple Telegram accounts on the same phone

Likewise, since most Android devices only haveonly one SIM card, It is impossible to have multiple WhatsApp accounts by telephone. You guessed it, not the case on Telegram since you go through identification by login. It is possible toadd an account for you will be able to see it below.

Message programming

This function is so convenient. It is possible to prepare a message in advance and as you may have guessed again, schedule sending on a specific date and time. Once again it’s child’s play. Long press the send message arrow and you will see the option Scheduled sending appear.

Lock your chats

Respect for privacy is a another strong point of Telegram which gained popularity because of it. After the fact, WhatsApp introduced the end-to-end encryption for its users.

Go to Settings, then Privacy and Security – finally Access code. Enter your code and you’re done – everything is secure.

There are other functions such as locating Telegram groups near you. Convenient for making acquaintances too.

  1. Telegram

    Telegram, the messaging system that goes up

    The messaging apps are numerous on Android, just check out the section on our site. Obviously everyone knows WhatsApp but Telegram it is the messaging service that is getting bigger thanks to all the basic functions very practical but also those more advanced as above.

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