Take a screenshot in incognito mode of Chrome and Firefox on Android

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Google and Mozilla browsers do not allow us to take screenshots in incognito mode. Obviously, it’s to protect privacy, after all this mode is just for that. However, there is a way to take a screenshot in the private browsing mode of Chromium Yes Firefox on devices Android.

As we mentioned, the purpose of a tab in incognito mode is precisely to maintain the privacy of the browsing session. In the event that a screenshot of these sessions can be taken, then the purpose of this mode is defeated.

However, there may be times when for some reason you need to take a screenshot in incognito mode on Chrome or Firefox on Android. To be able to do this in both browsers, we’re going to have to activate an option and doing it is pretty straightforward.

How to turn on Incognito screenshots in Chrome for Android

We will not find the option we need to activate in the browser settings menu. For this we will have to use the Chrome flags. Here we will find all the experimental features of Chrome. But don’t worry, it works great and gets the job done.

To activate it, we will have to start Chrome on our Android device, then in the address bar we will have to copy and paste the following: chrome: // flags, then we give it to it.

We activate the screenshot option in Chrome for Android.

The page with all of Chrome’s experimental features opens. We will have to use the search engine at the top and write “Incognito Screenshot” and click on it. A small window will open where we will have to select “Activate”.

In order for the changes to take effect and for you to be able to take screenshots in incognito mode, we will need to restart the browser. A button will appear at the bottom that will allow us to do this automatically.

If you want to disable this option. Repeat all the steps, but instead of selecting “Activate” we will have to choose “Deactivate”.

Capture screen in private tabs in Firefox for Android

In the case of Firefox, we can find this option in the browser’s configuration menu. Which makes things a little easier.

Let's move on to Firefox settings.

We will have to open Mozilla Firefox, then click on the three dots located in the upper right corner of the screen. A new menu appears and we click on “Configuration”.

Firefox private browsing.

We scroll down until we find the “Private Browsing” section.

We activate the option to take screenshots.

Once here we will have to search for “Allow private browsing screenshots”.

Now you will be able to take screenshots in private tabs in Firefox on Android. Obviously, if you want to disable this option, you will just have to follow the steps mentioned above.

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