Switch users on Mac quickly Very easy!

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With the multi-user option in macOS, we can share the same computer with multiple people and keep our files and settings safe. However, switching between different accounts can be a tedious process. To avoid this process, we can configure for switch of username at Fast mac from the menu bar or from the control center.

In macOS Big Sur, you can add a multi-user control in the Control Center or from the menu bar. This way, with a few quick clicks, we can switch users without a problem.

For this we will have to click on the Apple icon in the upper left corner of the screen and we will have to select “System Preferences”.

Click on Dock and menu bar.

Once we are in System Preferences, we will need to click on “Dock & Menu Bar”.

Check the box according to the option we want.

Ahora nos vamos a la barra lateral izquierda en donde tendremos que buscar la opción “Cambio rápido de usuario” y luego daremos click in the casilla de verificación that encuentra al lado de “Mostrar en la barra de menú” or “Mostrar en el Centro control”.

Once we’re done, we just click on the red “Close” button in the left corner of the window to exit “System Preferences”.

Fast Mac user switching from the menu bar.

To be able to use this function, we will have to click on the icon in the menu bar under “Fast user switching”, you will realize what icon it is, because it looks like the outline of a person in a circle. And it’s in the upper right corner of the screen. By clicking on this icon, we will see all the available users.

If the user we are going to change does not have a password configured, we will change it immediately. If said user has a password, we have to write it down before we can enter.

This is how we can quickly switch Mac users from Control Center.

We can also do this from the Control Center. We will have to click precisely on its icon which is in the upper right corner of the screen. Icon next to the time and date.

Right below everything in the Control Center we will find an icon to be able to quickly switch users on Mac that has the shape of a person around a circle.

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