Succeed in my activity as an IT freelance

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Work as a consultant or asindependent requires a sharp organization. Make this project a success and becoming self-employed is possible. Work asindependent and become freelance do not improvise. Of technical skills are required. It is therefore important to take into account the essential elements of success in this area. Find below all our tips to become a IT freelance.

Why become an IT freelancer?

Freelance work is considered a liberal profession. Many consultants in the IT sector increasingly choose the status of self employed and thus direct his individual business. Why ? In particular in order to have more autonomy and become self-employed. Being employees of computer companies, they do not have the choice of the tasks which are intended for them. Once independent, they can choose their schedules, modes of billing, and missions. The wage portage allows consultants to find a compromise between their former employee status and that ofindependent. As self-employed workers, consultants do not respond to a hierarchy. On the contrary, they become free to choose their customers and their freelance assignments. The consultant computer or IT freelance can freely choose their schedules and optimize their private and professional life. A freelance consultant can therefore enjoy a large flexibility and opt for a employment contract in accordance with his wishes for life.

Steps not to be overlooked

If you plan to become consultant computer or independant consultant, the following steps may help you complete your consultant activity.

Invest in the right equipment

Become self-employed also requires the right equipment. As service providers, graphic designers, developers, designer web … are required to carry out their missions freelance with computer skills. It is therefore essential to have at least a high-performance laptop. In addition, if your assignments require the use of additional high performance software or hardware, it is recommended that you negotiate the cost of this purchase with your client when establishing your service contract. You can always invest and buy these new materials, because the acquisition of this equipment will always be useful to you when carrying out new projects.

Improve the business side of your business

To become independent or become freelance in the field of IT, it is also being able to sell its know-how to companies. Optimizing the commercial fiber is a must have! It would therefore be beneficial to improve this absolutely crucial point.

Develop your professional network

Be a consultant in computer science also means having a good communication skills. Take the time to develop your professional network. Participate in networking events by exchanging with your contacts and presenting your services. A good network can be of great help in get a job interesting.

How to succeed in your IT freelance activity?

To satisfy a potential customer’s need, think about what you have to offer them. To become a good IT consultant, this is the most important part of your thinking. So be persuasive to sell your project in order to meet your client’s demands, and then succeed in your first step towards becoming auto entrepreneur.

Get your first contract

Have you gained visibility? The next step is then to find missions and find clients as freelance. Work like independent requires a certain autonomy to find a mission. Do not hesitate to seek advice from people exercising the same professional activity and find out about freelance platforms (Encoder, Malt, Hopwork …) which offer several mission offers.

Do not stay on your own

You are computer scientist, IT engineer or analyst freelance and you have managed to find your first client in the freelance work ? There is one last step: maintain your activity and optimize your project management.

  • Question yourself: This is undoubtedly the key to keeping your activity going and dealing with the unexpected.
  • Revise your rates: Each past experience is an asset. It is therefore imperative to enhance it and revise your fees and daily tax.
  • Optimize your organization: Be totally independent it is to maintain a good organization.

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