SpaceX launches pre-orders for its Starlink internet service

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If you are eagerly awaiting the launch of SpaceX’s Starlink Satellite Internet, you can pre-order your subscription and related hardware now directly from

To do this, you have to go to the site in question, register and deposit a sum of $ 99 just to have a place on a waiting list that the company will process after depending on where you live and depending on the principle of first come, first served. And order processing can take 6 months or more!

To find out if your region is eligible or not, simply type your residential address in the search field and click on Order, then the site will tell you when the service will be available in your area or region.

In my case, I typed the address Nice Europe, Nice, France, where I live, and the site has informed me that Startlink will cover my region by the end of 2021 by showing me the button Apple Pay to deposit the $ 99 (refundable).

I think the date is the same for everyone in France, in Europe and even in the United States and Canada.

SpaceX has already distributed invitations to test the service for several months through the Starlink website. However, they were limited to only around 10,000 users, most of whom are based in the northern United States and Canada.

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