[Solved] How to fix locked stream content file? [Working Methods]

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If you are having locked file issues while streaming, read on to learn how to easily fix stream content locked file issues.

Good morning all. How are you all? I hope everything is okay. Otherwise, eat a good diet and exercise to stay fit and safe. yeah looking forward to hearing what my topic describes today. The topic is all about streaming and what is it all about? streaming goals? And clear and clear information on streaming. So what are you waiting for, let’s get into the topic to know the methods to fix the feed content file locking error.

Preview of streaming content file locking errors

What is streaming?

Word flow is defined as the thing that continues for a period of time. Coming to the technical way of watching video streaming to gain knowledge about different things, either it belongs to the game or to technical knowledge as it is related to software, or it can be related to education and many others sources. Watch a post that provides knowledge on all the tasks performed as mentioned above. Additionally, gamers have become famous through streaming.

Streaming content is explained as a file which can be audio or video containing information on ways to use a product or perhaps related to studies via the Internet. It doesn’t need more space in your device, all that is required is an internet connection with the base speed of 2.5MB per second. To stream the video or audio file.

Basic introduction:

As the streaming started in 1993, June 24 in Australia. This was done by Band Server Tire damage. It was recorded in some places in Australia and then the streaming was done in different places by the different audions. There at that time the audio was not available even though the audions felt fine without the sound. According to the records, it took 2.5 megabytes per lower quality and 10 megabits for a higher defined quality.

Streaming objectives:


The data that should allow users to watch it should be in a limited version as there are many sources for streaming. All platforms can have their own database, so in order to download the video that is to be streamed, it must be of limited or fixed data quality. This leads to the increase in the large number of users as the platforms increase and then the users will also increase. It will play a crucial role to gain a large number of users and bring more revenue both internal and external.


The data needed to download a file, be it audio or video, requires a huge amount of data until the file needs to be downloaded. It is with whoever downloads the file. Likewise, while the user or viewer is watching or listening to the file also requires the same internet speed until the file is finished. From any platform or source that provides streaming. Once a user wants to start listening to the file, they will display a notification about the needed data or internet.


The file that is downloaded should be converted to different sizes according to the different device sources which allow different devices and applications supporting the file to stream. Applications like CRM, ERP and SCM will allow files from various sources Youtube, Netflix, etc. are some of the sources of which there are billions of sources. the above applications will diversify files.


Data or files that should be available for all types of sources, so streaming should be media from all sources. This will change the file to different formats depending on the user’s devices and sources. Users can pose their queries in different ways, the downloader has to show ways to overcome these queries.

These are therefore the main characteristics of streaming that will define streaming in the manner described. Once you have mastered these features, it will be helpful for you to know the subject of streaming.

* Benefits of streaming:

  1. Storage is not required for streaming, which will never fill your device’s storage space.
  2. The viewers’ requests will be clarified at the same time during their broadcast.
  3. As Streaming also involves advertising which will be very useful and save us precious time.
  4. If the streamer who is sharing the file has felt any distraction, then that person will be on the block list as instructed by the streamer.
  5. Minimum internet speed requirement is sufficient for performing the streaming task.

so these are the most useful benefits that can be enjoyed by both the user and the streamers.

Cons of streaming:

  1. Membership is required in some cases to enjoy streaming.
  2. Need knowledge about streaming that will allow users to broadcast.
  3. Some of the platforms will not support streaming from different sources and methods of their process.
  4. Not all, but some streamers, will charge the minimum amount to enter the stream.

Reasons that lead to locking content during streaming?

  • Files uploaded to the stream may not support your system in some cases.
  • The streamer will not allow access to all users.
  • Some of the files are only allowed to some of the paid users.
  • Need to convert files to different styles which will not allow all users to enjoy streaming.

So these are the main reasons that lead to locking streaming content.

Working Methods Correct Locked Stream Content File?

There are many methods that will help you unlock content while you are streaming. Each solution will allow you to unlock streaming content. So let’s get to the methods.

Solution 1

Make sure the antivirus is disabled on your device.

Some streamers won’t allow users or viewers until their device has the option to turn off antivirus, which creates a problem for streamers.Once you turn off the antivirus, you can stream the game or the file. Then go to the next process to turn off the antivirus as follows.

  • Find the program that contains an antivirus on your device.
  • Later, press the right mouse button to display some options.
  • In the options, click on disable antivirus work. then
  • Come back and try to stream to the maximum will be solved, then enjoy streaming.

If this method does not address the situation, then go for the next method or process.

Solution 2

Convert or change the location of the streaming file to another location.

If the file does not support the storage location in the device, change the location to other locations in the system that may suit the situation. Here are the steps which will change the location of the streamed file to another as follows.

  • Click on the file you are broadcasting then
  • Then go to the settings for that file later in downloads
  • later search for folders in the feed library.
  • Click on the particular file to edit.
  • here brings up some of the options that contain options on the location.
  • Finally, change the location to a specific folder and then enjoy streaming later.


Download the streaming related app from the named stream app, then put all the streaming apps in it, then you can enjoy all the streaming without any problem or worry. Or go further.

Solution 3

Corrupted files must be repaired.

Device files may be corrupted may not allow you to start streaming. So it is better to repair corrupted files. then later you can enjoy the streaming files. then follow the steps to repair corrupt files.

  • Stop streaming and navigate to the streaming directory.
  • Go to the folders and enter Txt in it.
  • And find the errors that exist in the device.
  • Type root in the search box.
  • Later go to stream file update if it asks for update, you can enjoy streaming.

Solution 4

Winsock needs to be reset.

If there are technical issues, issues that will not allow you to stream the problematic files will remain in your system. So, to overcome this situation, follow the next steps.

  • Click the Windows and R keys at the same time.
  • Enter cmd in the Then run box
  • Click here on the Enter ok option to prompt the command window to access it.
  • Enter NETSH WINSOCK RESET in the Command Prompt window, and then the issue is resolved.
  • Finally, click the input icon or later key, navigate to a stream and then enjoy the streaming files.

Solution 5

Streaming must be administered in certain cases.

Some of the streamers must be in the admin area with special permission to enter streaming. Otherwise, errors occur. Some steps will help to distribute the files.

  • The first job is to click the right side of the mouse on the screen of your device.
  • There you can see some options at the bottom, there is still an option named properties.
  • This will take you to another page, then click on Compatibilities.
  • At the bottom, click Run this program as administrator.
  • Enter apply and later ok
  • Then go back and run the stream file and enjoy.

Solution 6

Make sure with the mini tool partition wizard whether your hard drive is ok or not

When the hard drive contains the corrupted files, it can be the reason for the error that occurs while streaming. Here are the steps to overcome such situations.

  • First of all, you are supposed to download the mini tool partition assistant software and install it.
  • Once you are done, click on the surface test option available on the left side of the screen.
  • Later click on the start option available at the top of the screen.
  • After that, square boxes appear on the screen, then
  • If the square boxes are colored red, it means that there is bad content present in the player. If green boxes appear, it means everything is good.
  • Here, if everything is ok to go back to streaming, that will solve the problem.

Final conclusion:

So these are the methods or solutions that will allow you to overcome or fix if the streaming content is locked. So, as I explained above, there are a few reasons to get locked out while streaming. And I also showed the methods to overcome such situations.

So please follow these methods to overcome and enjoy streaming the games and files that you need according to your usage. I think this article will definitely help you to fix the feed content file locking error Thanks guys see you soon.

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