Solution to dreaded iPhone black screen: what to do?

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Today, there are few more essentials in our daily life than phones. In them we have access to important personal information, important work matters, our finances and much more. Unfortunately, these teams can fail from time to time, and then we have to act, avoiding desperation. On Android, it’s not that hard, but when it comes to Apple, there are all kinds of myths about it. However, and even if you think it is impossible, there is a solution to the dreadful black screen of iPhone. In the following lines we show you what to do in these cases.

Before you go, know that there are different tips that we can take into consideration, and we’ll show you from the simplest to the most complex. Finally, it will be necessary to download a program, for this particular Fixppo occasion. We will now analyze the possible solutions to this complicated situation.

An iPhone black screen solution for every user

As we mentioned before, it is necessary to arm yourself with patience to evaluate the 4 ways to fix iPhone when it is left on the block, until you find the one that effectively solves our problem. .

Restart your iPhone

Your first attempt occurs, of course, to restart the iPhone. Sometimes there may be a fault with the hardware or software of the terminal, which can be fixed with just a restart. By trying, you don’t lose anything.

Make sure you have a battery (and that it’s working)

If the previous method, the simplest, does not give results, you have to make sure you have a battery and, what is even more relevant: that it works. Normally iPhones report battery status over time, so check it every now and then. If it doesn’t turn on, put it on charge for a while, see what happens.

Most iPhones black screen issues are due to battery errors or lack of charge. That is why we recommend that you charge your mobile for at least an hour. If all goes well, you should see your iPhone charging screen showing you the battery status of your phone.

IPhone 3 black screen solution

Recover your iPhone via iTunes

If your iPhone seems to boot up but gets stuck after showing the Apple logo, the best alternative you can aspire to is to get it back through iTunes. Of course, you will need to update it on your PC.

On the Apple Support website, you can find more details about this, depending on your iPhone version.

Use a specific application

If we are talking about arrangements | My iPhone screen has turned black and is on, and the previous three tips still don’t give you an answer, there is one last possibility: use a specific app, like Fixppo.

It is a professional tool for repairing iOS, iPadOS and tvOS, which adapts to the requirements of customers, even those who do not have much knowledge of it. In this way, you will be able to leave your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple TV as new as it will be possible to exit and enter recovery mode with one click without having to touch your device. It’s not a little, is it?

Fixppo can resolve conflicts such as:

  • iPhone stuck on startup
  • iPhone stuck on Apple logo
  • White screen of death
  • Black screen of death
  • iPhone that won’t turn on
  • iPhone stuck in recovery mode
  • IPhone Boot Loop
  • Frozen screen
  • IPhone restore failed
  • IPhone update error
  • Various iPadOS and iOS issues
  • Various Apple TV issues
  • And what is the difference between this tool and iTunes? Why does it have greater potential? Basically, because it relies on its own cutting edge technology that fixes some iOS issues that iTunes misses.

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