Snagit vs Greenshot: which one to use?

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In this article we will talk about Snagit vs Greenshot: which screenshot tool to use? Choosing the right screenshot tool can be a difficult task, especially when there are several options available in the market. Two of the best third-party screenshot tools for Windows and macOS are Greenshot and Snagit.

While the features and workflow are pretty much the same, there are some options, an outdated user interface, and the price that make them different. If you’re already using Greenshot, which is free and open source, here we’ll find out if Snagit is worth buying for close to $ 50.

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Snagit vs Greenshot, the characteristics

If you need a screen capture software all-in-one and wondering what extra options you get for $ 50 with Snagit, you might be surprised. Here we’ll cover the main differences to help you make up your mind.

Options available for screenshot capture

Both software have similar options for taking a screenshot in Windows of any application window or the entire screen. However, two things are missing in Greenshot that are available in Snagit.

First, Snagit has an option to delay the screenshot. In other words, you can now press the Print Screen button and automatically take the screenshot after a while.

Second, Snagit lets you apply visual effects to captured screenshots directly using saved presets. There is no need to open the image editing panel and apply the effects manually. Presets can include a border around the image, crop to a preset size, automatically manage borders, etc.

Snagit allows users to capture text from images using OCR without problems. Although Greenshot allows you to do this, the process is also a bit complicated. is based on a plug-in and add-on from Microsoft .

Screen recording

Snagit wins this battle because Greenshot doesn’t even allow you to record the screen. Greenshot is just a screenshot tool and that’s it! Snagit instead has a dedicated panel (like for images) to manage screen recording options. You can record the webcam, system audio, and microphone using Snagit.

Image editor

If you need basic image editing features, Greenshot is more than enough. Snagit takes it a step further and has more granular control over editing. From adding text to the chat bubble to creating videos from images, you’ll find a lot more options all over Snagit.

For example, suppose you want to add a square shape / box that highlights part of the screenshot. In Greenshot, you can add a box and change the color, thickness, and shadow. On the other hand, Snagit has all these options but also allows you to modify the general appearance of the window itself.

Video editor

Greenshot does not have the screen recording function. However, Snagit comes with a video editing window similar to its image editing panel, allowing you to perform basic edits even if you are a beginner. The strong point of the video editor is that it is possible create a GIF or an animated photo using images.

Custom Templates

This is another area where Snagit overtakes Greenshot. Greenshot does not get custom templates while Snagit does, increasing productivity. You can use templates to create more beautiful images with captured screenshots.

Application integrations

Although Greenshot is free, it offers useful app integrations that allow you to quickly share or upload a screenshot to cloud storage or other apps. However, since Snagit is more advanced than Greenshot, you will find modern apps like Slack, Twitter,, SharePoint, etc. On the other hand, Greenshot is limited to, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Microsoft Paint, and other traditional applications.

Learn for beginners

Since both screenshot tools have so many options and features, it might take a while for a beginner to learn everything. However, both companies have detailed manuals to help you get started taking screenshots.

Snagit vs Greenshot Price

This is the deciding factor. Snagit will set you back around $ 50 while Greenshot is available for free and is open source. Greenshot only asks for money ($ 1.99) when you try to download it on Mac. Snagit works on both Windows and macOS.

Conclusion: Snagit vs. Greenshot

When it comes to Snagit vs Greenshot, you can’t just say one is better than another without thinking about the price. Considering all the features, Snagit is undoubtedly better than Greenshot but it also costs a lot more.

To conclude, if you are already using Greenshot but are not happy with its functionality and need more granular or precise control over the outcome, Snagit is probably the best option.

It offers so many additional features that will make your life easier. However, if you don’t use one or the other, we recommend that you try both (Snagit has a trial version) before making your purchase.

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