Silvercrest, a major household appliance

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The sale of household appliances continues to increase because renewal and technological progress keep changing the market. Whether it is for large appliances such as the refrigerator, washing machine, dishwasher or small appliances, such as stick vacuum cleaners, demand continues to increase, especially with the concept of the connected home which programs all of them. household chores around the house. Silvercrest is one of the most popular household appliance brands in France.

Silvercrest, a sub-brand of Lidl

It is a sub-brand of the German brand Lidl,which is specialized in the manufacture of kitchen appliances, but also of personal care appliances. The brand differentiates itself from others in the first place by relatively low prices compared to the competition, which at first made it a “cheap” brand before winning the heart and becoming a trendy brand, especially after the hits. Lidl marketing campaigns that have not gone unnoticed this summer. The Lidl chain of stores also has a research and development center, where devices are designed and tested to ensure that they are used safely and comply with current standards.


Silvercrest, a big one on the market

Thanks to numerous promotional operations, Lidl, which is one of the leaders in hard discounting, has seen its market share in France increase and its “cheap” image change. The German brand is growing in popularity and as a result, so are Silvercrest devices. Their quality is more and more confirmed and many households opt for their household appliances at the expense of recognized brands, whose devices are really expensive. Indeed, buyers tend to be wary of low-end household appliances because a cheap price is often a sign of unreliability. If it does not yet manage to dethrone the greatest, it is obvious that it is starting to make itself known. Silvercrest products can be found in all countries where Lidl is located.


The best products from Silvercrest

Monsieur Cuisine Edition Plus

It is a multifunction robot-cooker which is equivalent to the famous Thermomix, but with a significant difference: 500 €. The device has received good feedback in view of user reviews and a very complete test is visible on the Web, allowing to know its strengths and weaknesses.


The Silvercrest blender

With an unbeatable price, this blender has 5 speeds. It is easy to use and offers good mixing quality, but it is very noisy and does not have a safety device. It costs € 34.99.


The Silvercrest juice extractor

Its unbeatable price (half the price of competitors) of € 74.99 is quite attractive. The machine is easy to use, but difficult to clean. It is a good value for money since its performance does not reach that of big brand machines that cost no less than 500 €.


The Silvercrest sewing machine

Perfect for beginners or on tight budgets, the brand’s sewing machine has respectable performance for a price of $ 74.99. Moreover, these are models that are often out of stock. In 2020, in front of a Lidl store in Pas-de-Calais, people lined up for an interesting promotion on a sewing machine, whose price of € 99 has dropped to € 79.


The Silvercrest yogurt maker

One of the brand’s No.1 machines for sale is its yogurt maker, which sells for € 28.99. As with other devices, it is easy to use and offers basic convenience features.


The Silvercrest coffee machine

Practical and functional, it will appeal to lovers of good morning coffee with its powerful motor and equipped with an anti-overheating system. With an intuitive LCD screen and an automatic shut-off mode, it has a pump that allows you to have a power of 15 bars to be able to serve you espressos.


Silvercrest compared to other big names in household appliances.

If in general, Silvercrest household machines marketed by Lidl are low-end with prices intended for small budgets, their performance does not demerit and are quite acceptable, compared to small household appliances of other major brands. But there is one device that received an excellent rating following a study by What to choose , it is the multifunction robot from Silvercrest Monsieur Cuisine More. He managed to obtain a score of 95.8 / 100 and thus leads Moulinex, Kenwood and Vorwerk on their robot cookers. The other Silvercrest machines are not left out:

  • Silvercrest irons are first in their class with a score of 93.6 / 100, beating Calor,
  • Silvercrest microwave ovens are in third place, behind LG and Ikéa.


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