Should you buy an Xbox Series X on Black Friday 2021?

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Want a slice of Microsoft’s console pie? Well, you could buy one on Black Friday; let’s see if it’s worth it.

You probably know, and pretty much everyone else on earth, that Black Friday is looming on the horizon as we speak. It means offers and discounts on all kinds of products. Including the Xbox Series X… maybe.

If there are actually X Series consoles on the shelves, is it worth buying one on Black Friday 2021? Let’s find out.

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A little thing …

Before we ask if it’s worth buying the latest console from Microsoft, there is one minor issue we need to fix; the continuing shortage of consoles.

The Xbox Series X has been nearly impossible to obtain since its launch 12 months ago, much like a lot of other devices, not just consoles. A component shortage that hasn’t existed since before the console’s launch, left inventory at an all-time high even before the X Series was released.

So with this console shortage in mind, please don’t expect too much when considering purchasing an Xbox Series X or S on Black Friday.

Is it worth buying an Xbox Series X on Black Friday?

In a word; Yes. If you’re looking to join Microsoft’s console ecosystem, it’s definitely worth buying a Series X on Black Friday. The console has a lot of strengths and represents excellent value for money. Better value for money, according to some, than the PS5.

The X series certainly matches the specifications of the PS5, but the whole Xbox experience is also great. Obviously you’ve got the gaming aspect. This writer may be biased here, but it’s worth owning an X Series just to take advantage of future versions of Bethesda. But aside from this incredibly specific point, owning an Xbox will bring some great titles into your collection, Xbox exclusives being one of them.

Because it is compatible with a wide range of apps on the Microsoft store, the X series provides a great experience outside of gaming. Can you get SoundCloud on a PS5, for one of the many examples? No, you can’t (yawn). But you can on an X series! It’s keys like this that make this a great console to own.

What we’re saying here is that it’s a great multi-functional device outside of video games. You can even browse the Internet with it. The PS5 doesn’t even have a native browser. Sony’s flagship doesn’t fare so well here, does it?

Should you consider an S series instead?

Keep in mind that the X Series isn’t the only Xbox console doing the trick right now. The S series is also a very viable option. Sure, it doesn’t play physical games, but do you really need it? If you’re eager to jump on the Microsoft band-aid, the S-series should be a consideration.

With Game Pass Ultimate powering your digital system, you can access hundreds of games. These include new games and titles from previous generations of consoles. At $ 200 less than Series X, you’re already a winner if your game collection is digital.

Okay, so it doesn’t have the 4K chops of its big brother, but you’ll keep hammering Fallout 5 whenever it happens, unlike PS5 owners. The S series is generally no longer available in stock as well…

Where can you get an Xbox Series X on Black Friday?

Rather, the question is whether you’ll get one, hence the S-series scream above. But the usual suspects apply, here:

If you want to stand a chance of grabbing an X Series or an S Series, then these retailers are probably your best bet.

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We hope you get your Series X

Good luck finding a console this Black Friday. It will be a needle in a haystack affair, so hopefully our readers have a chance to grab one for themselves. Remember, you shouldn’t rule out the S Series; it’s a great little console! If the Xbox isn’t your cup of tea, you can always join in the fray for a PS5 …

We hope you like the items we recommend and discuss!

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