Shhhh! How to activate Alexa Whisper Mode

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Sometimes it seems like Alexa missed class by learning to use your “inner voice”. For this reason, you might want to avoid talking to Alexa late at night, lest it will wake the kids or others up soon.grumpy e-members of the house.

But that’s not necessary, as Alexa has a nifty feature called Whisper Mode: whisper to Alexa and it will whisper bAck. The feature is available on all Alexa speakers, from the Echo Dot to the Sonos One, and it’s worth turning it on, even if you’re rarely going to use it.

If you have an Alexa speaker in your bedroom, for example, it can bThe times you want to ask Alexa to do something without waking your partner up.

Here’s how to get Whisper Mode to work on Alexa …

There are three ways to activate Whisper Mode on Alexa. The first is simply to say, “Alexa, activate Whisper mode” to your Echo speaker.

The second is to whisper a command to Alexa and she will respond “I think you just whispered to me, from now on I’ll respond in whisper mode. You can change that in the settings. ”

The third method requires going through the app and it should apply Whisper mode to all devices linked to your account. Here’s how:

1) Open the Alexa app, tap More (The lower right corner).
2) Press Settings.
3) Choose Voice responses (under Alexa Preferences).
4) Toggle Whispered mode sure.

Congratulation to ???? more to wake up the ba By. Apart from speaking more quietly, Alexa be behaves the same in Whisper mode.

That said, there are things to consider. The big one is that bBackground noise is more likely to interfere with Alexa’s listening skills, whereas you would otherwise have be abto speak across the room with your Alexa smart speaker, you will need to beabit is closer for Alexa to hear from you.

The other thing to rememberuh is that Alexa will only whisper bAcknowledge if he hears you whisper; if you talk to him in your normal voice – even with Whisper mode on â ???? it will respond at normal volume.

If you have enabled Track Mode, you can continue to use it with Whisper Mode.

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