Set up recordings from an IP camera to an FTP server

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Having an IP surveillance camera at home and viewing it from anywhere in the world on your PC or smartphone is good! But storing your recordings on a medium that can be consulted at any time is better!

We can currently find many type of storage for surveillance camera, citing here, local SD card inserted in the IP camera, NVR recorder dedicated to the camera or a Synology type NAS connected to the same network of the IP camera. We can even find subscriptions to store our records in the Cloud. But all of this comes at a cost!

We can currently find a lot of type of surveillance camera storage, citing here local SD card inserted into IP camera, dedicated camera NVR recorder or a NAS type Synology connected on the same network of the IP camera. We can even find subscriptions to store our recordings in the Cloud. But all of this comes at a cost!

For Free subscribers, it is always possible to use the internal storage of their Freebox to store the recordings of all the IP cameras installed in your home. It is therefore sufficient to configure the FTP server of the Freebox.

NB: In this installation and configuration guide, we have used a surveillance camera from the Dahua brand, not too expensive and within the reach of everyone, you can buy one directly from the brand’s store on Amazon .fr, the link: Dahua Technology

Also: The method used in this tutorial remains the same for any type or model of IP camera

Configuration of the Freebox FTP server

To access the FTP settings, you must be connected by WIFI or Ethernet on your local network of the Freebox and go to the following URL:

In the “Freebox parameters” option, click on the “advanced mode” tab and then double-click on FTP

A window opens, we define a password which will be used for any FTP connection from the outside (the username remains “freebox”) and we check “Activate the FTP server”

That’s all. Your Freebox FTP server is activated and available for any use from outside.

To test access to your FTP server, we can always use an FTP client like Filezilla or WinSCP by entering the name of the FTP server, the port, the user name and the password. We took advantage of this FTP access to create a folder in the root of the Freebox to store our video recordings. We will call it here: / Camera / TechCroute /

Configuration of the surveillance camera for recording on the Freebox FTP server

In this step, I explain how to configure the recording of the camera from its web portal.

We must first connect to the web portal of the IP camera by entering its IP address or the associated domain name (DNS) in the web browser:

Once connected to the camera, we go to “settings” or “settings” and we choose the option “Storage”

And then, we click on the FTP tab:

As seen here, the camera’s FTP settings are empty by default. We will then configure them with our FTP parameters of the Freebox:

+ Checkmark Enable to activate the FTP service on the camera
+ Server Address: the IP address of the Freebox or you can use the URL
+ The port: 21
+ Username: freebox
+ Password: password we created in the FTP settings of the Freebox
+ Remote directory: The folder that we create with Filezilla especially for video recordings / Camera / TechCroute /

Once all these settings are made, we click on Save to validate the configuration.

From now on, all the cameras will store their video recordings on the Freebox’s hard drive, which can be consulted at the moment from the Internet.

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