Satisfying guide: how to set up multiplayer

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Satisfactory It is about automating machines to create massive and very complex production lines. While any challenge he throws at you can be taken on completely solo, things get a lot more fun when you add more players to the mix.

Fortunately, there’s a co-op mode that lets you play Satisfied with other people online, with no hard limit on the number of players you can invite (the game officially supports up to four). This includes cross-platform multiplayer on Steam and Epic Games.

In this guide we will show you how to set up multiplayer satisfying and start building with your friends online.

The method of setting up multiplayer varies depending on whether you are the host player or joining someone else’s session.

Before you decide, remember that any progress you make during a multiplayer session is tied to the host player’s save file. Additionally, while Satisfactory does not offer PvP, there is still friendly fire.

To host a session, first upload to your saved game, then open the menu and select “Manage Session”. Here you can change the session type to “Friends only” to allow your friends to join. If you set the session to “Private”, only people you invite can join it.

To send an invitation, select “Copy to Clipboad” to copy the session ID and send it to whoever you want to join. Note that Satisfactory does not currently support public sessions, and since the game is still in Early Access, you may experience bugs and performance issues during online multiplayer.

To join another player’s session, you will need to either have them added as a friend on Steam or Epic Games or obtain their session ID. If the session is set to “Friends only”, you can join it by selecting the session from the main menu.

If the session is set to “Private,” your only option is to start the game and manually enter the session ID from the main menu. Note that to enable cross-play, Steam users will need to connect their Steam account to their Epic Games account when it is presented with a prompt.

Set up multiplayer with more than four players

Tips and tricks for satisfactory beginners

If you want to team up with more than four players in a single session, you will need to change the Satisfactory configuration settings.

The host drive should navigate to the following file directory:


From there, add the following lines to the end of the .ini file:


Once done, launch the game and start a new session. Anyone on your Friends List or with the Session ID should be able to participate.

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