Samsung will replace some of its cloud services with OneDrive

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Samsung has just announced its intention to end some of its cloud services and this concerns its Gallery Sync, Drive service and the premium storage and backup subscription service.

These cloud services from Samsung will be replaced from June 2021 by the service par excellence Microsoft OneDrive and the company will obviously offer its customers tools and options to be able to migrate to the Microsoft platform without damage and without losing their Drive and Gallery Sync data.

It will even be possible to download a copy of all your cloud data at Samsung to your desktop before migrating to Microsoft’s OneDrive.

So if you are a Samsung Gallery Sync or Drive user, you have two options in front of you and depending on which group you are a part of (First check in which group your country is listed):

+ Migrate data to OneDrive to continue using Samsung’s Gallery Sync and Drive and this from October 5, 2020 if your country is in group 1 or 1er December 2020 if you are part of the second group

+ Download the data from Samsung Cloud and you will have until June 30, 2021 to do so.

However, other Samsung Cloud features such as Contacts, Calendar, and Notes sync will continue to work non-stop.

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