Samsung notification doesn’t seem to work, 12 solutions

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Samsung One UI is loaded with various notification settings. Changing the settings incorrectly can lead to notification issues on Samsung Galaxy phones. And this is what is happening. For many Samsung Galaxy users, the notification sounds don’t work. Notification sounds no longer work on a Samsung smartphone. Although the ringtone is working fine, users do not hear notification sounds.

The problem is not limited to apps like WhatsApp, Messages, etc., it can occur for all apps. Moreover, the problem is not limited to a specific model, it happens to all series like S, A, Note, etc. Don’t worry though. This article will help you fix the issue of Samsung notification sounds not working. Let’s get started.

What to do if you don’t get the notification sound when you receive a message on a Samsung phone

1. Restart your phone

You might be tempted to test the fixes mentioned below first. However, before doing this, I would ask you to restart your Samsung phone. If you are lucky, restarting can also fix the issue of notification sounds not working.

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2. Check and increase the volume of notifications

Most smartphones now have a single volume level for notifications and ringtone. However, Samsung Galaxy phones come with a separate notification volume level. Even if the ringtone volume is high, it doesn’t matter if the notification volume is low. So you need to control the volume level of notifications separately.

To do this, go up Settings > Sounds and vibrations > Volume. Increase the slider next to Notifications by moving it to the right.

You can also press the volume up or down buttons on the side of the phone. When the volume slider appears, tap the three-dot icon or the small down arrow. Various volume sliders will appear. Change the sound level of the notification volume (with a bell icon).

If the notification slider appears grayed out, follow the next fix.

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3. Turn off Mute or Vibrate mode

You might have accidentally turned on Mute or Vibrate mode on your Samsung Galaxy phone, that’s why you can’t hear notification sounds. To deactivate these modes, you must activate the audio mode. For that, continue Settings > Sounds and vibrations. Check the box below Ring. You can also activate the sound mode from the quick settings.

4. Disable audio from separate app

Another feature that can be responsible for notification sounds not working on Samsung Galaxy phones is the app’s separate sound. When enabled, the sounds of the selected app will still be played through another device such as a bluetooth speaker. If notification sounds aren’t working for a particular app, you need to check and turn this setting off.

You open Settings > Sounds and vibrations > Separate sound application. If you don’t want to use the setting, turn off the switch to Enable now. You can also customize the setting and change the audio device for the selected application.

5. Disconnect connected Bluetooth devices

When a Bluetooth device such as a speakerphone or headset is connected to the phone, notifications will be broadcast through the device rather than through the phone. So if your bluetooth device is on the go and connected to your phone, this could be the reason why you are not getting notifications on your phone. Simply disconnect the Bluetooth device from your phone or turn it off to start receiving notifications on your Samsung phone.

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6. Check your clock settings

Similar to Bluetooth devices, your smartwatch may also be responsible for not working notification sounds on Samsung phones. Many smartwatches have a feature where notifications are turned off on the phone when it is connected to the watch. Check the connected clock settings to disable this setting.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy Watch, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Wearable app and tap Notifications.
  2. To touch See everything parameters notification followed by Deactivate the connected phone. Disable it on the next screen.

Besides disabling the above setting, you should also try to pair the watch with the phone.

7. Reactivate individual contacts

If you don’t receive notifications for specific contacts in an app, you need to check if they’ve been accidentally disabled. Most chat apps, including the Messages app, support the mute contacts feature. When a contact or chat thread is disabled, you’ll see the bell icon with a bar above it.

I will walk you through the steps to reactivate contacts on Samsung Messages here. The steps are almost the same for other applications as well.

  1. Open the Samsung Messages app and find the contact you want to reactivate.
  2. Long press the person’s thread. To touch Notifications below to allow notifications.

Otherwise, open the thread and tap the three-dot icon at the top. Tap Alarm clock, Show notifications, or the notification icon depending on the option available. By the way, did you know that you can use custom notification sounds for contacts in the Samsung Messages app?

8. Check the notification settings for individual apps

If notification sounds don’t work for a particular app, notifications may have been turned off for that app. You can activate them from the app itself or from your phone’s settings. I suggest you check both settings as some apps provide different notification settings within the app.

To activate from the phone settings, open Settings > Application. Tap on the problematic app. Let’s say the Samsung Messages app. Touch that. Go to Notifications. Here you need to check a few settings.

First, check that Show notifications above is enabled. Next, tap on the text of each notification category such as General notifications and activate it. Once in a notification category, check the box next to Warning instead of Silent. Also tap on Audio and make sure it doesn’t say Silent. I would also suggest that you change the notification sound to a different tone.

To check and activate from the app, open the app settings and tap Notifications. Make sure notifications are turned on.

To note: If your phone has multiple apps for the same purpose, be sure to change the correct or default app settings.

9. Deactivate do not disturb mode

Native Do Not Disturb Mode aka DND Mode can also cause issues with notification sounds not working on Samsung Galaxy phone. To deactivate it, go to Settings > Notifications > Do not disturb. Disable it on the next screen. Also turn off automatic MDN scheduling. And if you use MDN application, turn them off or customize them to allow notifications.

10. Check your hearing accessibility settings

You should also take a look at the Disable all sounds accessibility setting. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Audience. Deactivate Turn off all sounds.

11. Check out third-party applications

Sometimes even third-party apps can block notifications. Check out recently installed third-party apps, especially battery saver, antivirus, security, notice and similar applications.

12. Check sleep apps

You need to check if your Samsung phone has put the apps to sleep mode. When apps are hibernated, they don’t run in the background, which can cause notification issues. To remove apps from sleep mode, go to Settings > Battery (or Device maintenance)> Background usage limits.

Here you will find the sleep app and the application for the Deep sleep. Remove the problematic app from there. You can also use the search in settings to find the setting of sleep apps.

14. Reset your settings

Finally, if you are still not getting notification sounds on your Samsung Galaxy phone, then you need to reset all settings on it. It will not delete your personal data from the phone. However, all the settings like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, app permissions, etc. will be reset. And it will help to solve the problem.

To reset the settings, go to Settings > Executive management > Reset > Reset all settings.

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Summary: Samsung notification still not working?

You can turn on or off system sounds like keypad, charging, screen lock etc. individually in Samsung phones. If any of these sounds don’t work, continue Settings> Sounds and vibrations> System sound / Vibration control. Turn on the switch next to any sounds that don’t work. With that, I conclude the post by hoping you can fix the Samsung notification sounds not working issue.

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