Samsung 870 QVO SSDs from 109.99 euros

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Samsung 870 QVO SSDs from 109.99 euros: Back to the hunt for prices and good deals on to find the best offers and the best High Tech products of the moment.

Today and since we presented in a previous article the new family of SSDs from Plextor, the M8V Plus , we continue in the same category of products to tell you about Samsung SSDs, SSDs Samsung 870 QVO which are already available from hardware merchants and online e-commerce sites.

The new SSDs from Samsung are therefore inexpensive 2.5-inch SSDs using a SATA interface that replace the old 860 QVO from 2018.

And like Plextor and its MV8 Plus, Samsung relies on a controller that uses a 3D NAND Flash QLC chip, a memory that allows the Samsung 870 QVO to support transfer rates (read and write) of 560 MB / s read and 530 MB / s write.

As a reminder, these SSDs were officially announced in July 2020, so there are just less than 4 months and they are already in commerce from 109.99 euros depending on the capacity.

So here is what we found as the best price for these Samsung SSDs on

– Samsung 870 QVO 1 TB at € 109.99 at
– Samsung 870 QVO 2 TB at € 205.94 at
– Samsung 870 QVO 4 TB at € 424.90 at
– Samsung 870 QVO 8 TB at € 889.30 at

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