restaurants, stations, shops, sports halls, which places are concerned?

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Asked live by Léa Salamé and Gilles Bouleau on July 14, Emmanuel Macron spoke about the wearing of a mask, which will become mandatory in closed places open to the public, by Monday 20 or Tuesday 21 July. The arrival of such a decree raises a question: which places will be affected by the wearing of the compulsory mask?

The wearing a mask will become obligatory in closed public places from next week, as the Head of State decided. Emmanuel Macron delivered new information on the management of the 2019 coronavirus disease (COVID-19) during a television interview broadcast live on TF1, FR2 and YouTube, on July 14. The opportunity for the Head of State to provide many details about the ” new path »Which he wishes to take in his management of the crisis, and before the end of his mandate, in May 2022.

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A hundred billion euro economic recovery plan, promotion of pedestrian cameras, inclusion of the fight for the climate in the Constitution or even fear of a second wave of the epidemic: many subjects have been mentioned by the head of the State, which recognizes that ” we have signs that it is starting again a bit ” and ” we must prevent, and prepare ourselves “. Waiting, the government must also deal with the continuing pandemic, and which is starting up again in certain regions such as Brittany or Mayenne. But in fact, which places are affected by the compulsory mask wearing measure?

Wearing a mask is compulsory in enclosed spaces open to the public from Monday or Tuesday

Strongly opposing a new generalized containment, the President insisted on the importance of wearing a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. The “project” is to make the wearing of a mask compulsory in places open to the public from August 1, 2020. During his general policy statement before the Senate on July 16, 2020, Prime Minister Jean Castex announced that a decree requiring the wearing of a mask in ” closed public places »Will come into force earlier than expected, from next week. ” Wearing a mask constitutes, with respect for so-called barrières, an effective prevention and protection measure ” he expressed himself. Jtherefore proposed whatobligation to wear it is reinforced in all closed public establishments, in particular, which nis not the case todayhui, businesses. This requires a decree, whereas in so-called professional premises, this implies an evolution of the health protocols governing the activities concerned. “.

While six departments of Mayenne (Laval, Bonchamp-lès-Laval, Changé, L’Huisserie, Louverné and Saint-Berthevin) are already concerned by the wearing of the compulsory mask, the measure should be operational ” by Monday or Tuesday ”(July 20 or 21) within the hexagon, according to the Prime Minister.

Which places are affected by the wearing of the compulsory mask?

All enclosed places that welcome the public will be affected by the wearing of the compulsory mask. The places concerned are thus:

  • All shops open to the public
  • Train stations
  • The airports
  • Public transport (train, bus, subways, trams, taxis, VTCs like Uber, etc.)
  • Bars, restaurants, hotels (compulsory to enter and move around, can be removed once seated)
  • Tourist residences
  • Sports halls, shows (possibility to withdraw it during the sessions)
  • Administrations
  • Banks
  • Places of worship

The rate that will be applied to offenders has not yet been specified by the government. We can however have a vague idea of ​​a possible possible cost, since as a reminder, the fine for non-wearing mask in public transport now amounts to € 135.

Regarding the companies, these will have to manage “ on a case-by-case basis, depending on the situation ”, expressed the spokesperson of the government, Gabriel Attal. According to him, the terms of this new measure would soon be specified, most likely with the upcoming decree.

Before the National Assembly, the Minister of Solidarity and Health Olivier Véran however strongly encouraged “ all French people, without delay, without waiting for the publication of a decree and without the obligation being written in stone, to wear a mask in all enclosed places, whatever they may be, and when they are grouped even more “.

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