Resell your iPhone before the announcement and release of new iPhones!

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In this article, we give you some tips on how to prepare your iPhone for resale, sell it for the best price, and recycle it if you’re environmentally conscious.

Prepare your iPhone for sale

Before you sell your iPhone, make sure you have completed a backup your iPhone to iCloud and to have deleted all its content (apps, games, photos, etc.) so that the buyer does not have access to your data.

Also, put the odds on your side by adding your iPhone accessories, including its original box, charger and invoice.

Value of your old iPhone

The price of a used iPhone depends on its model, but also how and where it is sold. In general, to do better business, it is better to agree to an agreement between individuals rather than going through a store or service.

In addition, the price may vary depending on the repairs or modifications made, if any operator is released, whether his screen or battery has been replaced, etc. then you can sell it at a better price.

Finally, new releases can lower the value of your iOS, as an example, now that the iPhone 12 was presented at the October Keynote, theiPhone 11 saw its price reduced by 220 €. Because of this, you will need to align the price of yours with that of the current market.

If you have the Original iPhone model

A ten-year-old smartphone is generally considered obsolete and unsaleable, but the Original iPhone has a nostalgia factor that can’t be matched.

However, if you want to have it bought by Apple, the evaluation may disappoint you since the brand considers that this model has no resale value.

Your best bet is to find a collector on Le Bon Coin or Ebay. Indeed, if it is completely sealed in its original packaging, then it is possible that you can get enough money to afford a last generation iPhone.

When and where to sell your old iPhone at the best price?

To sell a smartphone, a computer or a tablet, note that certain periods are more suitable than others. Likewise, the choice of the resale platform or service is important if you want to achieve an optimal sale.

The best time to resell your old iPhone is before school starts, ideally before Apple’s Keynote in September / October, or during the holiday season. Buyers are more inclined to shop for renewal at a lower cost.

First of all, it is important that you set your price according to the competition, so that it is neither too low nor too high.

Apple Store

You can go to the Apple Store to get a price estimate for your old iPhone. To do this, the technicians will take stock of your model, its condition, its age and its technical characteristics.

Apple may then offer to take it back, acquire a new one or receive a gift card.

To avoid going to the store, it is also possible to do so online, via the service Trade In from Apple. Before having it assessed, you will simply need to answer a few questions.

After Apple’s recycling partner Trade In will have checked your iOS and determined the exact value of the exchange, this money will go to your bank account.

IPhone Resale / Trade-In Sites

If Apple’s estimate is not to your liking, then to sell your iPhone at the price you want, there are free commercial ad platforms such as The good corner or Ebay.

However, if you don’t feel like creating an ad, responding to the many offers from buyers, then you can also sell your iPhone in second-hand shops (Easy Cash, Cash Converters or Happy Cash). This will bring you a little more peace of mind, less inconvenience, but unfortunately also less money since you do not set the purchase price.

Finally, do not hesitate to turn to reconditioning and resale sites such as Volpy, Back Market or reBuy. The process is simple, free and the displayed price is fixed. So you will know exactly how much you will get back.

Recycle iPhone

You can recycle your old iPhone (iPad, Apple Watch Series, Mac) through the Trade In service.

If the condition of your smartphone is not good enough, rather than selling it to a new owner, Apple offers to sell it. to recycle. The brand’s recycling partner recovers the metals it contains for reuse.

There is also another way to give your iPhone a second life. Why not hand it over to your children? Before that just think about reset your iOS.

If you have an Original iPhone, iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS, Apple will recycle the device but will have no compensation …

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