Replace all your loyalty cards with a single application

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The android apps never cease to impress us. Every day, we discover a new app created with the aim of making our daily lives easier.

Of readers of books to the voice converters, we are fortunate to live in the twenty-first century.

The applications provide us with countless services. For example, today we have the opportunity to replace all our discount or loyalty cards with a single application. Indeed, loyalty cards are useful because they make us decrease spending by accumulating points exchangeable or card discounts. In short, the benefits of each card depend on the store.

You tend to forget to carry your loyalty cards when you go to the store? The solution will be in your phone. Find out which app to download for save your maps on your smartphone in digital form.

Scan just your plastic cards and make room in your wallets! Isn’t that awesome?

NB: make sure that the bar code behind each of your loyalty cards is clearly visible!

Below is a list of best apps that allow you to collect all your discount and loyalty cards in a single application.

  1. Google pay

    Google pay

    A digital wallet convenient to buy online or send money. The app allows you to save your loyalty cards in digital format and protect access in the wallet with a password.

    The app also uses the geolocation to locate the shops nearby.

  2. Stocard - Loyalty Card

    Stocard – Loyalty Card

    Stocard presents itself as a digital wallet in which you can collect several cards loyalty belonging to more than 300 stores like Decathlon, IKEA, Adidas and many others.

    Simply scan the right card for crates during the payment.

  3. FidMe - Loyalty cards

    FidMe – Loyalty cards

    FidMe is different from other applications as it not only allows you tohave discount coupons by looking for them directly on the platform, but alsoadd your loyalty cards in scanning QR code from your mobile device.

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