Remove Windows 10 search box from taskbar

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We can’t deny that it’s extremely convenient to have access to the apps we use the most from the taskbar. However, sometimes we don’t have enough space for all the apps we want to add. But don’t worry, because we know how to save space when remove the painting of Research of Windows 10 and we’ll show you how.

We can remove the Windows 10 search box or leave a magnifying glass icon to search for files on our computer. However, it is better to delete it directly. We can continue the search in Windows by pressing “Start” as always.

Removing the search box is not the same as hiding the taskbar. We can even do both at the same time. Space saving in every sense of the word.

As for removing the search box, the easiest way is to right click on the same search box, then we will have to go to “Search”. When we do, a new menu will appear where we will find three options: “Hidden”, “Show search icon”, “Show search box”.

Obviously, if we select “Hidden”, the search box disappears from the taskbar. But you will be able to continue using the function without any problem. You will just have to press “Start” and type in what you are looking for.

This is very useful, especially for people who have too many files or programs open on their PC at one time. And the best thing is that the Windows search function is always active without any limitation.

In case you want even more space, it’s best to right-click on the taskbar and uncheck the “Show Cortana button” and “Show task view button” options. This way you will have a lot more space on the Windows 10 taskbar.

In fact, as we discussed a bit above. We’ve removed the Windows 10 search box from the taskbar. However, if we press the “Windows” key or click “Start” and start typing what we want to search for. Windows will search for it as usual whether the search box is active or not.

As you can see, it is quite easy to remove the search box from Windows 10. Even hide Cortana or the task view. Save a lot of space for other items.

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