Remove Ads on Amazon Kindle or Fire Lock Screen

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Amazon devices have always been very affordable in terms of price. This is largely because in order to consume content there, you have to acquire books, music or videos precisely through Amazon, which in the long run means more profits. One of the ways to reduce the upfront costs is to opt for devices with advertising. At first it might seem like a good idea, but after a while it can get tired. So let’s see how to delete those advertisement upset in the filter of blocking of Amazon Kindle Where Fire, it’s something very easy.

Remove Ads or Lock Screen Ads on Amazon Kindle or Fire

The first thing we’ll need to do is go to from a web browser and sign in.

Content and devices.

Then we will have to click on our name and a new menu will appear, among all these options we will have to look for the one that says “Account and Lists”.

Choose a device.

Then we will have to click on “Content and devices”. Next, we’re going to where it says “Devices” at the top of the screen and we’re going to search for the Kindle or Fire device we want to remove the lock screen ads from.

Remove advertising on Amazon Kindle or Fire.

In this new screen, we will have to click where it says “Delete Offers” in the “Special Offers” section at the bottom left of the screen.

In this way, we can eliminate the ads on Amazon Kindle or Fire.

A pop-up window will open where we will have to click on the button that says “End offers and pay the fees”.

We have to keep in mind that in order to remove the ads from the lock screen, we will have to pay additional fees. These fees may vary by device, but they can range from approximately $ 15 to $ 25.

Likewise, if we are thinking of getting a new Fire tablet from Amazon, it is better to go straight to the versions with advertising. In themselves they are not annoying, the advertisements are well executed, even focused on our tastes and it is very minimally invasive. The best part is that later when we have the money, we can take them out with no problem.

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