PS5: join and create a Party in the blink of an eye

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When it comes to multiplayer games, the communication systems are not great. The overall audio quality is often poor, and in most online games the voice chat feature stops working during loading screens.

It is for this reason that many go through Parties, and especially voice chats, when playing on PS5. The problem is, they aren’t as easy to set up or join. In this article, we explain how to create and join a voice chat both on your PS5 and on your smartphone.

How to set up voice chat on PS5

Parties, or voice chats as they are called on the PS5, are part of a group messaging system. To be able to chat with your friends in real time, you must first create a new Party.

  • Push the button PS, then via Control Center go to Game base.
  • To talk to a single person, find the person in your friends list and press X.
  • Select Join the voice chat.
  • To talk to a group, go to the tab Parts.
  • Select the icon +.
  • Select Create a Party.
  • Select the players you want to add to your Party.
  • Select Create a new Party.
  • To start a voice chat within a game, select the voice chat icon.

Party allows you to send text messages, images, videos and audios, but an extra step is required for real-time voice chat.

All players will then be notified of the voice chat and can choose to join.

How to join a voice chat on PS5

This is all well and good, but what if you want to join a voice chat created by one of your friends? There are several ways to do this.

If you’ve been invited to a new game, just press PS to highlight the notification and select To rejoin. From there you can select the‘voice chat icon on the right side.

If someone else has already started voice chat in a Party you are attending, then you will receive a notification. You just need to highlight the notification with PS and just press To participate to quickly join the voice chat.

How to quit voice chat on PS5

What happens when you finish chatting with your friends? You can turn off the console to disconnect from voice chat, but if you want to keep playing, that’s not the ideal option.

The best way to quit a voice chat is to access the game in the tab Parts of Game base and select Exit voice chat. Simple, right?

How to join a PS5 voice chat from your smartphone

To join a PS5 voice chat from your smartphone, you will need thePS app for iOS or Android. Once you install it, associate it with your PlayStation ID, you will need to decide if you want to chat with a group or a single person, as the procedure varies.

If you want to chat with just one friend, tap the menu Friends and on the name of the user concerned. Finally, press Voice chat.

If you want to chat with multiple users, then the procedure is slightly different. Instead of the Friends menu, you will need to open the menu Messages.

From there, press the Party you want to join, then on thevoice chat icon top right. You will then see a drop-down menu showing who, if any, is already present in the voice chat. If you want to join the discussion then just tap Start voice chat.

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